Libice nad Cidlinou

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Libice nad Cidlinou
Kostel Svatého Vojtěcha v Libici.jpg
St. Adalbert's Church
Coat of arms
Country Czech Republic
Region Central Bohemian
District Nymburk
Little District Poděbrady
Rivers Elbe, Cidlina
Elevation 190 m (623 ft)
Coordinates 50°7′40″N 15°10′49″E / 50.12778°N 15.18028°E / 50.12778; 15.18028Coordinates: 50°7′40″N 15°10′49″E / 50.12778°N 15.18028°E / 50.12778; 15.18028
Area 9.95 km2 (3.84 sq mi)
Population 1,319 (2011)
Density 133 / km2 (344 / sq mi)
First mentioned 981
Mayor Milan Kožíšek
Postal code 289 07
Location in the Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Wikimedia Commons: Libice nad Cidlinou
Monument to St. Adalbert (Czech: Vojtěch) and his brother Gaudentius (Czech: Radim) in Libice, Czech Republic

Libice nad Cidlinou is a village in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest settlements in Bohemia, located 5 km southeast of Poděbrady at the confluence of the Cidlina and Elbe (Labe) rivers. The population of Libice is 1,314, it is 190 m above sea level, and its total area is 9.95 km².


Libice emerged in the ninth century as a center of Zličan rule under the Slavnik family. For a time it was also a center of White Croatia until around 995 A.D. Archaeological digs begun in the nineteenth century show that the Zličans' material culture was highly developed by the end of the first millennium AD. Libice began as a castle, and fortifications and the ruins of a stone church have survived to the present day. In 995 Libice was stormed by Bohemian Duke Boleslav II (Přemyslid) and the Vršovci clan, and was annexed to Prague.

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