Libido (Líbido album)

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Libido album by Líbido.jpg
Studio album by Líbido (band)
Released 1998
Recorded 1996–1998
Genre Alternative rock
Length 39:59
Language Spanish
Label Libido Music
Producer Líbido
Líbido (band) chronology
Singles from Libido
  1. "Sed"
  2. "Como Un Perro"
  3. "Ojos de angel"
  4. "La casa de los gritos"
  5. "Libido"

Libido is the first studio album by Líbido (band), released in 1998.


The launch of the album went unnoticed by many Peruvians, however, with the launch of the singles, which sounded strong at major radio stations, the album became a success, which make known to achieving the group, began to appear in the main clubs of Lima, is as well as the group slowly gaining territory in the world of Peruvian music.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Don" Jauregui Líbido 3:26
2. "Cicuta" Jauregui Líbido 2:49
3. "Laberinto" Fischman Líbido 4:40
4. "Despierta" Fischman Líbido 3:40
5. "Mal Tiempo" Hidalgo Líbido 3:18
6. "Monos" Fischman Líbido 3:34
7. "Como Un Perro" Jauregui Líbido 3:47
8. "Viaje" Jauregui Líbido 2:28
9. "Ojos de Angel" Hidalgo, Jauregui Líbido 2:50
10. "Libido" Hidalgo Líbido 4:58
11. "Sed" Jauregui Líbido 1:53
12. "La Casa de los Gritos" Hidalgo Líbido 2:36


Adapted from AllMusic.[1]

  • Salim Vera – vocals
  • Saúl Cornejo – engineer
  • Fred Remmert – engineer
  • Jeffry Fischman – percussion, bateria
  • Inkeri Petrozzi – cello
  • Líbido – executive producers


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