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For the Roman goddess, see Libitina.

Libitina is a British Gothic band formed in 1994 by University of Sheffield students. The band has released five albums on its own Libation Records label. Originally formed as a four-piece with Danny on vocals, the band pared down to a three-piece in early 1996. From 1996-2002, Libitina were Pete (main vocals, programming, guitar), Darren (guitar), and Jamie (bass guitar, vocals, programming). Phill joined on keyboards in 2002 and took over lead vocals after Pete left the band at the end of that year. Band members from 2003 to 2006 were Darren (guitar, programming), Jamie (bass guitar, programming, vocals), and Phill (vocals, programming, guitar, bass guitar).

The band are known for their comedy Pulp cover of Common People, entitled "Gothic People"

The band's appearances include The Whitby Gothic Weekend (Whitby, UK, 1997, 2004), The Sacrosanct Festival (LA2, London, UK, 1997), Infest (Bradford, UK, 2000), Euro-Rock Indoor Festival (Antwerp, Belgium, 2002), LeFantastique.Night VI (Brussels, Belgium, 2003), and Lumous Festival (Tampere, Finland, 2006).

The band split up in September 2006.


  • 1997 - A Closer Communion
  • 2001 - Weltanschauung
  • 2003 - The Shadowline
  • 2004 - Reflections & Refractions
  • 2006 - Parhelion

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