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Libochovice chateau

Coordinates: 50°24′31″N 14°2′30″E / 50.40861°N 14.04167°E / 50.40861; 14.04167 Libochovice Chateau is situated in the centre of Libochovice town, Ústí nad Labem Region, Czech Republic. The castle is a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. It is one of the most significant Early-Baroque castles in the Czech Republic.

Currently, the chateau is under the management of Prague National Heritage Institute, it was declared the National Cultural Heritage on 1 January 2002. Surprisingly, the chateau is not the main landmark of the city because it is only seen from the other side of the Ohře river. Libochovice chateau also boasts with the collections of tapestries, glass and porcelain.[1] In 1787 Jan Evangelista Purkyně, a major Czech scientist and a scholar, was born in Libochovice.[2]


During the gothic times, there were a fortress at the place of recent chateau, and at the year 1550 was listed as deserted. At 1560 were the ruins rebuilt as chateau. In the 17th century, one hundred years after Libochovice was declared the town by Ferdinand I., there was a huge fire, which destroyed almost half of the city. However, it was not for the first time. The city underwent three fires altogether, during which also Libochovice chateau was severely damaged.

The current image of the chateau comes from the 17th century, when it was bought by Gundakar of Dietrichstein. He asked Italian architect Antonio della Porta to restore it. Therefore, the Italian influence is evident. Antonio della Porta renewed this chateau between years 1683 - 1690, economic buildings were restored between years 1690 - 1697.

Next renewing of chateau was between years 1900 - 1914 by E. Fiala.

The park was designed in French style by Jan Tulipán. During the 19th century, it was re-designed in English style and later restored again in the original design.

Chateau description[edit]

The portal with the coats of arms of the Dietrichstein family.

The chateau has four wings and is surrounded by arcades lining the courtyard. The yard is accessible from the entrance gate and leads to the Italian symmetrical garden. There are also four fountains in the garden by stonemason Jakub Mitthofer. On the East side of the building, there is a balcony with columns and stairs leading to the garden that was built up in the middle of the 19th century. From the North side, the portal of the chateau with a Dietrichstein blazon is visible. In the courtyard there are embosses with the theme of the sea creatures made by Italian artists Jacob Tencalla and Giuseppe Mattoni. Italian embosses and mythological paintings can be found inside the chateau as well.[3]


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