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libpng license
Author Glenn Randers-Pehrson
Latest version none
Publisher Glenn Randers-Pehrson
Published 2000
DFSG compatible Yes
FSF approved Yes
OSI approved Yes
GPL compatible Yes
Copyleft No
Linking from code with a different license Yes

The libpng license is a permissive free software license,[1] which defines the terms under which the libpng software library can be distributed.

Origin and history[edit]

The libpng license was derived in 1996 from the zlib license and has been referred to since by a variety of terms including at least the "zlib license" (even though it is different) and the "zlib/libpng license". Standards/free software bodies such as OSI currently refer to the license as the "zlib/libpng license".

The license differs most significantly from the zlib license in including a clause for compatibility with the UCITA. This was added around 2000 in response to the adoption of UCITA by the US state of Maryland.

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