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Original author(s) Marc S. Ressl
Jorge Prendes
Stable release 0.96 / June 6, 2011; 5 years ago (2011-06-06)
Written in C, C++
Operating system Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X
Type Library
License GNU General Public License

libpolo is a graphics, sound and network library written in C and is designed for educational environments. Libpolo is free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or any later.

It is aimed towards students learning the C and C++ programming languages, and it is very suitable for high school and first-year university courses.

Its functionality is built around the GLUT library. It provides a streamlined interface, also allowing full access to the OpenGL API.

It is cross-platform and works under Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X.

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