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Current statusDefunct as of 2012, previously called from 2004 to 2007 and from 2007 to 2010,[1] was a popular linking website. It was accused of copyright infringement and was shut down by court order on February 15, 2012. According to the takedown notice, it hosted some 400,000 ebooks.


According to an article posted in the British The Sunday Times, investigators believed that was operated by Irish nationals, possibly from Galway, through a server in Kyiv.[2]


This website was targeted by coordinated legal action from 17 publishers who obtained an injunction from a Munich court.[3][4] The majority of the claimed infringing files were hosted on the file hosting service, whose representatives however disclaimed a close relationship with In contrast, a representative of a private intellectual property agency hired by the book publishers stated that the "owners and directors of" were the persons whose names appeared on the receipts of PayPal donations to[5] According to TorrentFreak, "the legal team of the publishers estimated the revenue based on page impressions as well as estimated income from premium accounts, but this figure is laughable according to the owner, which makes sense considering the site’s modest size." The owner also told TorrentFreak that "they can barely cover the server costs with the revenue they make."[4]


The URL "" was revoked by the .nu domain on 20 February 2012. Between the day of indictment and 24 February, redirected to Google Books.

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