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The Library Association of Ireland (Irish: Cumann Leabharlann na hÉireann) is a professional body representing librarians that was founded in 1928. Its current president is Fionnuala Hanrahan. It publishes a journal An Leabharlann – The Irish Library and organises occasional conferences. The Annual Joint Conference of the Library Association of Ireland and CILIP Ireland will take place in Belfast, on 19 and 20 April 2012.[1]


The objectives of the Library Association of Ireland are, "to promote and develop high standards of librarianship and of library and information services in Ireland, and to secure greater co-operation between libraries." [2]


There are two categories of membership for the Library Association of Ireland. These two categories include personal and institutional members. Personal members include professionals, para-professionals, international, students, and fraternal. Institutional members include libraries, library schools, corporate and government bodies, and institutions or societies.[3]


Books published by the Library Association of Ireland include:

  • Accent on Access : Proceedings of an Irish Joint Conference held 19–22 April 1994 in Enniskillen
  • Books Beyond the Pale: Aspects of the Provincial Book Trade in Ireland Before 1850
  • The Borrowers at School: A Report on Primary School Libraries
  • Celtic Connections: Proceedings of the Conference held 4th – 7th June, 1996 in Peebles
  • Commitment to Quality: Proceedings of an Irish joint conference held in Cork, 19–23 April 1993
  • Consumer Health Information Database Feasibility
  • Directory of Libraries & Information Services in Ireland; 5th Ed.
  • Information for Health: Access to Healthcare Information Services in Ireland. A Research Report on the Information needs of Healthcare Professionals and the Public
  • Libraries – Information and Imagination : Proceedings of an Irish Joint Conference held 25–28 April 1995
  • Library Development in Second Level Schools : Seminar Proceedings
  • Library File: Making a Success of the School Library
  • Public Information in Private Places: Proceedings of the 1997 Annual Joint Conference held in Letterkenny Co Donegal, 22nd – 25th April, 1997
  • School Libraries: Guidelines for Good
  • Standards for Irish Health Care Libraries and Information Services (2nd ed., 2005)
  • Standards for Irish Health Care Libraries
  • Striving for Excellence: Proceedings of an Irish Joint Conference held 27th April – 1st May, 1992 in Malahide, Co. Dublin
  • Towards the Global Library: Networking Revolution in Action. Seminar proceedings 12–20 March 1992
  • Well Read: Developing Consumer Health Information in Ireland [4]

The An Leabharlann is the journal published by the Library Association of Ireland. In the year 2013, the journal became available electronically. Currently the journal has published 22 volumes and 44 issues.[5]


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