Library Information Network of Clackamas County

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Libraries in Clackamas County
(Library District of
Clackamas County)
Country USA
Type Public library district
Established 1997 (as consortium);
2008 (as district)
Reference to legal mandate Measure 3-310
(2008 district)[1]
Location Clackamas County, Oregon

Libraries in Clackamas County (LINCC) is a consortium of the public libraries of Clackamas County, Oregon. It was established in 1977 when the first county-wide funding levy was approved by county voters. LINCC is a resource and revenue sharing network with a single library computer system.

The consortium remains distinct from the Library District of Clackamas County created by a ballot measure voted on during the 2008 general election.[1][2]


LINCC includes:

The member libraries share an integrated library system which allows cooperative borrowing. Shared services, including cataloging, computer support, courier, and interlibrary loan, are coordinated by the Network Office, a department of the county government. The system currently offers nearly half a million titles, 1.2 million items, and serves over 200,000 members, who check out more than 6.2 million items each year.[citation needed]

Library District[edit]

In November 2008, Measure 3-310[1] was passed by Clackamas County voters, leading to the creation of a Library District that established permanent property tax-based funding for libraries in the county.[14]

The cities of Damascus, Tualatin, and Johnson City opted out of the district's creation.[1] In May 2010, a close vote by the small subset of Tualatin residents who are also Clackamas County residents meant that they would join the district.[15] Following a petition signed by 300 Damascus residents, Damascus voters approved a measure to join the Clackamas County library district in November 2010.[16]


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