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The Libre Software Meeting (LSM) is an annual free software event originally held in France. The French name of this event is Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre (RMLL).


The Libre Software Meeting takes place each year since 2000, in July. Launched by the French free software users group Association Bordelaise des utilisateurs de logiciels libres (ABUL). More than 1000 people, coming from more than 50 countries, participate each year.

The LSM is a mix of two complementary meetings:

  • a developers meeting, free software coders coming to discuss about their projects during the event
  • a free software promotion event dedicated to a large audience


The LSM is organized by a team of volunteers, combining local and national free software associations.


Village of the associations, LSM 2017

The village of the associations welcome the visitors with a set of stands presenting local or national associations.

Hosting cities[edit]

Year Date Host city
2000 5 to 9 July Bordeaux, France
2001 4 to 8 July Bordeaux, France
2002 9 to 13 July Bordeaux, France
2003 9 to 12 July Metz, France
2004 6 to 10 July Bordeaux, France
2005 5 to 9 July Dijon, France
2006 4 to 8 July Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France
2007 10 to 14 July Amiens, France
2008 1 to 5 July Mont-de-Marsan, France
2009 7 to 11 July Nantes, France
2010 6 to 11 July Bordeaux, France
2011 9 to 14 July Strasbourg, France
2012 7 to 12 July Geneva, Switzerland
2013 6 to 11 July Brussels, Belgium
2014 5 to 11 July Montpellier, France
2015 4 to 10 July Beauvais, France
2016 No candidate
2017 1 to 7 July Saint-Étienne, France
2018 7 to 12 July Strasbourg, France
2019 No candidate


The LSM logo was drawn with Sketch by André Pascual, co-creator, for the LSM 2001. The choice of the mascot and her name come from the homophony with Armelle (a French feminine first name) and RMLL, as pronounced in English.

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