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This article is about a Dutch award. For the Canadian award with a similar name, see Libris Award.
Libris Prize
Awarded for Award for Dutch-language novels
Country Netherlands, Flanders
Presented by Libris booksellers
Reward(s) €50,000
First awarded 1994

The Libris Literature Award or Libris Prize (Dutch: Libris Literatuur Prijs) is a prize for novels originally written in Dutch. Established in 1993,[1] it is awarded annually since 1994 by Libris, an association of independent Dutch booksellers, and amounts to €50,000 for the winner. It is modeled on the Booker Prize, having a longlist and a selection process which shortlists six books. The author of each shortlisted book receives €2,500.[2]

Shortlisted authors are heavily promoted in individual Libris book stores, providing important commercial opportunities for authors and booksellers. Typically, the (independent) jury's selection is discussed and criticized in the Dutch press, providing even more exposure.[3] The Libris Literature Award with the (Belgian) Golden Owl and the (Dutch) AKO Literatuurprijs make up the "big three" literature awards for Dutch-language books.[4]



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