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Libuše is female given name. It is an old Czech name. It is derived from the adjective libý, the base of which is Slavonic ljub meaning "love", "lovable". Related names are Ljuba, Liběna and Liboslava. Pronounced LI-buw-sheh. Maybe the name comes from German word -Liebe "luv".

Name days[edit]

  • Czech: 10 July
  • Slovak: 30 July

Other variants[edit]

  • Serbian: Libuša, Ljubiša
  • Croatian: Libuša, Ljubiša
  • Slovak: Libuša
  • Polish: Libusza
  • German: Libussa, Libuscha
  • Russian: Lyubov
  • Bulgarian: Lyuba
  • English: Libusha

Famous bearers[edit]

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