Licínio Rangel

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Licínio Rangel
Titular Bishop of Zarna and Personal Apostolic Administrator of Saint John Mary Vianney
Dom Licínio Rangel.jpg
Licínio Rangel
ChurchRoman Catholicism
SeePersonal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney
In office18 January 2002-16 December 2002
SuccessorFernando Arêas Rifan
Personal details
Born(1936-01-05)January 5, 1936
DiedDecember 16, 2002(2002-12-16) (aged 66)
Ordination history of
Licínio Rangel
Episcopal consecration
Principal consecratorBernard Tissier de Mallerais
Co-consecratorsAlfonso de Galarreta,
Richard Williamson
DateJuly 28, 1991
Episcopal succession
Bishops consecrated by Licínio Rangel as principal consecrator
Fernando RifanAugust 18, 2002

Licínio Rangel (5 January 1936 – 16 December 2002) was a Brazilian Roman Catholic bishop, from Campos, Brazil.

He was a member of the Society of Saint Pius X, when he was consecrated a bishop without papal mandate, on July 28, 1991 at São Fidelis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, assisted by Alfonso de Galarreta and Richard Williamson, all three of the Society of St. Pius X and was excommunicated latae sententiae. He succeeded bishop Antônio de Castro Mayer in 1991 as superior of the Priestly Society of Saint John Mary Vianney, an association of priests in the diocese of Campos, Brazil.[1]

On August 15, 2001, Bishop Rangel, together with 25 priests, reconciled with the Holy See. He addressed a letter to Pope John Paul II in which he expressed an act confirming full submission to and communion with Rome. The Pope created the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney, and appointed him the apostolic administrator for the pastoral care of the faithful who remain attached to the Tridentine Liturgy. He held the title of Titular Bishop of Zarna from 2002 until his death.[2]

Because of his health, he asked for an auxiliary bishop. The Pope instead instructed Bishop Rangel to ask for a coadjutor bishop. Fernando Rifan was chosen to be this new coadjutor, and after Bishop Rangel's death, in 2002, he was automatically succeeded by Bishop Rifan.


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