Lichen striatus

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Lichen striatus
Classification and external resources
Specialty dermatology
ICD-10 L44.2
ICD-9-CM 697.8
DiseasesDB 31402
eMedicine article/1111723

Lichen striatus (also known as blaschko linear acquired inflammatory skin eruption[1]:776 and linear lichenoid dermatosis[2]) is a rare skin condition that is seen primarily in children, most frequently appearing ages 5–15.[3]:226–27 It consists of a self-limiting eruption of small, scaly papules.[4]

Symptoms of lichen striatus[edit]

Lichen striatus is defined by:

  • Lichen striatus impacts the skin and nails.
  • It is seen as an unbroken or disrupted, linear band consisting of small tan, pink or flesh colored papules.

The papules could be smooth, flat topped or scaly. The band of lichen striatus varies from a few millimeters to 1-- 2 cm wide and extends from a few centimeters to the complete length of the extremity. By and big, the papules are unilateral and single on an extremity along the lines of Blaschko.

  • Itching is an accompanying function of the disorder.


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