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Licht is a German surname meaning "light". The surname is also an ornamental surname within Jewish communities (Yiddish: ליכט) with the same meaning. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Licht (born 1968), American guitarist
  • Aleksandar Licht (1884–1948), Croatian Zionist leader
  • Chris Licht, American television producer
  • Frank Licht (1916–1987), 67th Governor of Rhode Island from 1969 to 1973
  • Hugo Licht (1841–1923), German architect
  • Jason Licht (born 1971), General Manager for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League
  • Judy Licht, American television and print journalist
  • Lucas Licht (born 1981), Argentinian football player
  • Roger Licht, former chairman of the California Horse Racing Board and horse racing legal expert
  • Sascha Licht (born 1974), German former footballer
  • Sonja Licht (born 1947), Serbian sociologist and political activist