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Map of the Rennsteig trail

Lichtetal am Rennsteig is a former municipal association (German: Verwaltungsgemeinschaft) in the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt, in Thuringia, Germany. The seat of government was in Lichte (in the Wallendorf section). It was disbanded in January 2019.

The municipal association consisted of the following municipalities:

Municipalities of Lichtetal am Rennsteig
Municipality Lichte Piesau Reichmannsdorf Schmiedefeld (Lichtetal)
Mayor Udo Eichel Angelika Weigel Fedor Wohlfarth Hanno Leide
Inhabitants 1,634 779 817 1,056


The municipal association of Lichtetal am Rennsteig was established in line with the administrative reorganization after German reunification. Before 1990, all four municipalities were independent, each with a town hall, administration, and autonomous mayor. The post of mayor is now honorary, with reimbursement of expenses (German: Aufwandsentschädigung). The name Lichtetal am Rennsteig was derived from the close proximity to the Thuringian Rennsteig and the Lichte River.


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