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Licor 43 bottle

Licor 43 [Cuarenta Y Tres (kwar-EN-tah ee tres)] Licor 43 is a Spanish liqueur made with citrus fruit and botanicals. It has a predominant flavor of vanilla, caramel and honey, and is 31% ABV. It is the flagship brand of Diego Zamora Group, a family-owned Spanish company based in Cartagena.


Licor 43 was first produced in the first quarter of the 20th century, under the name of Licor Cuarenta y Tres. Its name is derived from the 43 basic ingredients from which it was originally made, principally herbs, citrus and other fruits from the Mediterranean basin. The recipe has developed over the last 60 years, and to this day only members of the family know the recipe.

The Diego Zamora Company was established in 1946 by Diego Zamora Conesa, his brother Angel Zamora Conesa and their sister Josefina Zamora Conesa, together with her husband Emilio Restoy Godoy.

In the 1960s, after success in the Spanish market, Diego Zamora began distributing the liqueur internationally. The company is still entirely owned by the families that founded Diego Zamora and continues production of the beverage today in Cartagena. Licor 43 has changed its bottle over the years.

"Legend of Liqvor Mirabilis"[edit]

Detail of the base of the bottle of Licor 43, which shows Liqvor Mirabilis symbol.

The company claims that the genesis of the drink began more than 2,000 years ago in Cartagena, then called Carthago Nova, an important port in the Roman Empire where, according to legend, Romans discovered a golden aromatic drink which they were so in awe of they named it Liqvor Mirabilis, meaning miracle liqueur. The company claims that the recipe became lost over the centuries until the 20th Century, when it was recreated as Licor 43 using a number of the ingredients claimed to have been part of the original recipe. This story is possibly fanciful, as some of the ingredients did not exist in Europe during the era of the Roman Empire. Cartagena in Spain remains the brand’s home and is the only place where Licor 43 is produced.


Licor 43 is described as having vanilla flavours followed by tangy sweet fruit and spices, similar to aged rum. It is commonly consumed neat, over ice, mixed with coffee or in a long drink or cocktail.



  • Gold: Fizzz (Top-Getränke)
  • Master: The Spirits Business (Traditional Category)


  • First Place: Disco Magazine (Drinks Top Seller-Germany)
  • Master: The Spirits Business (Traditional-Liqueur)


  • Gold: Fizzz (Top-Getränke)
  • Silver: San Francisco World Spirits Competition[1]


  • Gold: Drinks International (Cocktail Challenge-Daiquiri Español by Robert Wood)[2]
  • Silver: Drinks International (Cocktail Challenge-Spanish Gold and 43 Memories by Robert Wood)[2]


  • Supreme Champion: Drinks International (Cocktail Challenge-El Sol by Robert Wood)[3]
  • Trophy: Drinks International (Cocktail Challenge, Best Aperitif- Español Mexicano by Robert Wood)[3]
  • Trophy: Drinks International (Cocktail Challenge, Best Long Drink- El Sol by Robert Wood)[3]
  • Gold: Drinks International (Cocktail Challenge- Español Mexicano by Robert Wood)[3]
  • Gold: Drinks International (Cocktail Challenge- El Sol by Robert Wood)[3]
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  • Platinum: SIP Awards[4]
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  • Silver: The Spirits Business (The Liqueur Masters-Traditional)[6]
  • Gold: The Spirits Business (The Liqueur Masters-Fruit)[6]
  • Gold: San Francisco World Spirits Competition[7]
  • Silver: Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (Asia’s Choice, Asia’s Voice)[8]
  • Silver: International Wine & Spirit Competition-Quality Award[9]
  • Bronze: International Spirits Challenge[10]


  • Silver: Drinks International - International Spirits Challenge[10]


  • 85 Very Good, Strong Recommendation: Ultimate Spirits Challenge[11]
  • Bronze: International Wine & Spirit Competition[12]

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