Licto volcanic field

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Coordinates: 1°46′48″S 78°36′47″W / 1.78°S 78.613°W / -1.78; -78.613

Licto is a volcanic field in Ecuador, close to the town of Licto.

The scoria cones named Licto, Loma Bellavista (3,113 metres (10,213 ft), 01°47′17″S 78°35′46″W / 1.78806°S 78.59611°W / -1.78806; -78.59611) and Tulabug (3,336 metres (10,945 ft), 01°46′49″S 78°36′48″W / 1.78028°S 78.61333°W / -1.78028; -78.61333) form the field.

The cones are constructed by andesite and basaltic andesite and may be of Pleistocene-Holocene age.