Lida Shaw King

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Lida Shaw King, painted by Frank Weston Benson

Lida Shaw King (September 15, 1868 in Boston – January 10, 1932 in Providence) was an American classical scholar and college dean. She graduated from Vassar College in 1890 and from Brown University (A.M.) in 1894 and continued her graduate studies at Vassar (1894–1895), Radcliffe (1897–1898), Bryn Mawr (1899–1900), and at the American School of Archaeology, Athens, Greece (1900–1901). She taught the classics at Vassar (1894–1897) and at the Packer Collegiate Institute (1898–1899, 1901–1902), and at Brown was assistant professor of classical philology (1905–1909), dean of the Women's College from 1905–1922, and professor of classical literature and archæology 1909–1922. She made contributions to the American Journal of Archaeology.

She resigned from her positions at Brown in 1922 due to illness, and died in Providence on January 10, 1932.

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