Lie Detector (TV series)

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Lie Detector
Developed by Mark Philips
Directed by Rick Davis
Starring Rolonda Watts
Ed Gelb
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Mark Philips [1]
Original network Pax TV
Original release March 8 – June 28, 2005 (2005-06-28)
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Lie Detector is a television series broadcast in 2005 on Pax TV. Hosted by Rolonda Watts with assistance from polygraph administrator Dr. Ed Gelb, the show claims to "[examine] the truth behind real-life stories ripped from the headlines." It premiered on March 8, 2005 and ended after one season. Other versions under the same title have aired under various arrangements in the past, as described further below.

Its first episode featured a polygraph examination of Paula Jones, a woman who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.[2]


Guests Original airdate
1 Paula Jones with Clinton allegations; a man who possibly profited from a donated kidney March 8, 2005
2 Enoch Lonnie Ford with allegations of having a homosexual affair with televangelist Paul Crouch; a man accused of killing three men, and a woman possibly suffering from Munchausen syndrome March 15, 2005
3 A man who believes that government records support the existence of UFO's; a woman who allegedly pushed an elderly patient, a woman accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint April 19, 2005
4 Man accused of pushing wife; two hunters April 26, 2005
5 Former doctor who wants medical license back; a woman with a money laundering scam; Matthew Lesko, who writes books on how to get free money from the government May 3, 2005
6 Man with prescription marijuana; woman accused of stealing; woman who claims that baseball's Gary Sheffield is the father of her daughter May 10, 2005
7 Employee wants to prove that her pay was legitimate; a man who wants to prove he did not murder his girlfriend; a man who claims he was in a gorilla suit in 1967 Bigfoot short film May 17, 2005
8 A man who argues Congress could have prevented the 9/11 attacks; man claims mistaken identity; woman wants to know if 10 year girlfriend ever will marry her May 24, 2005
9 Jeff Gannon defends White House briefings; man wants to prove to girlfriend he no longer smokes pot; man threatened by police operative May 31, 2005
10 Man wrongfully sentenced for having crack, owner of Mickey Mantle's Deli, college roommate of Wal-Mart heiress Elizabeth Paige Laurie tries to show that she was paid to write her school papers June 7, 2005
11 Ben Rowling wants to show that he is the real-life inspiration for the famous character from Harry Potter. A woman who wants to show that her lover confessed to murdering his ex-wife, woman wants to prove she was not involved in a kidnapping June 14, 2005
12 David Lander wants to prove that his reputation as a drunk is unfounded, school teacher claims she never threatened to kill principal, man who wants to prove he was falsely convicted of cocaine possession. June 21, 2005
13 A woman who claims to have had contact with extraterrestrials, a woman who wants to prove that former Venezuelan dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez is the father of her daughter. June 28, 2005

Earlier series[edit]

Prior to the Pax series, there were three earlier Lie Detector programs: the first series in the early-1960s, a syndicated series in the mid-1970s hosted by columnist Jack Anderson, and another syndicated series from Columbia Pictures Television in early 1983, hosted by lawyer F. Lee Bailey, produced by game show producer Ralph Andrews and also assisted by Dr. Gelb.[3][4] In 1998, the Fox network presented a one-off primetime special. The premises of these series are all the same, in which a person uses a lie detector to prove their innocence.


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