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Liebert Corporation
Headquarters Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Key people
Rob Johnson, chief executive officer
John Hewitt, President of Americas
Frank Bibens, President, Global Services
Parent Vertiv

Liebert Corporation, a business of Vertiv, is a global manufacturer of power, precision cooling and infrastructure management systems for mainframe computer, server racks, and critical process systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the business employs more than 1,800 people across 12 manufacturing plants worldwide.


Founded by Ralph C. Liebert (1918-1984) as Capitol Refrigeration Industries in 1946, Liebert Corporation was formed in 1965 as the industry's first[citation needed] designer and manufacturer of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems. Targeted to the mainframe computer data-processing market, Liebert CRAC systems were the first self-contained units capable of maintaining air temperature, humidity and air quality within precision tolerances.[citation needed]

In 1977, Liebert launched sister company Conditioned Power Corporation to design and manufacture power distribution, conditioning and monitoring systems for the data processing industry. The company remained a wholly owned subsidiary until 1981, when it became a division of Liebert Corporation upon the company's initial public offering. The company strengthened this division in 1983 with the acquisition of Franklin Electric subsidiary Programmed Power Corporation. The acquisition expanded the capabilities of the company's power division to include the design and manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies.[1]

Liebert Corporation was acquired by Emerson Electric Co. of St. Louis, Missouri in 1987.[2] The company remained a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson until 2000, when the company consolidated its network and computer protection businesses to form its Emerson Network Power platform group.[3] As part of the Emerson Network Power platform, the Liebert and Liebert Services businesses offer power, cooling, monitoring and management stuff for critical data center applications, as well as professional services.

Liebert Products[edit]

  • AC Power Systems: Uninterruptible power systems and associated power distribution equipment and enclosures.
    • Categories: Desktop/Workstation; Rackmount; Network; Large Facility; Power Distribution and Conditioning; Rack-Based PDU
  • Precision Cooling Equipment:
    • Categories: High-Density Modular, Small Room, Large Room, Telecom, Industrial, Heat Rejection, Economizer
  • Server Racks and Integrated Cabinets: Standard and customized integrated cabinets with self-contained air conditioning, UPS and wiring management.
    • Categories: Indoor Racks and Accessories; Aisle Containment; Bundles; High-Density Cooling Integrated
  • Infrastructure Management: including monitoring software and services.

Liebert Services Business[edit]

Emerson Network Power's Liebert Services business was formed in 1985 as Liebert Global Services, a business unit of Liebert Corporation.[4] The business currently employs more than 350 customer engineers to support more than 35,000 clients in more than 70 countries.

Emerson Network Power Liebert Services specializes in network reliability programs including design, engineering, installation, project management and on-site operations management, preventive maintenance and energy-consumption monitoring for data centers, telecom networks and other mission-critical applications.

Specific professional service categories include:

  • Business-Critical Services
    • Data Center Availability Assessments, UPS Service, Battery Service, Precision Cooling Service, Enterprise Remote Monitoring
  • Professional Account Management


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