Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium

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Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium
Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium Mühleholz I, Gebäude A & B, in Schaan.jpg
Marianumstrasse 45

9490 Vaduz

Coordinates47°9′22.5″N 9°30′19″E / 47.156250°N 9.50528°E / 47.156250; 9.50528Coordinates: 47°9′22.5″N 9°30′19″E / 47.156250°N 9.50528°E / 47.156250; 9.50528
School typePublic Gymnasium
Number of studentsmore than 740

The Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium (English: Liechtenstein Secondary School) is a secondary school located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. It was founded in 1937 as "Collegium Marianum" by the Maristen-Schulbrüder as a private school. Since 1981, the Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium has been a public school run by the state of Liechtenstein.

The number of pupils has been increasing since the mid-1980s, especially since girls were admitted in the mid-1960s, and is now over 700.


The Unterstufe (lower grades) of the Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium comprises three grades called US1, US2 and US3. There are three ways to enter the Liechensteinisches Gymnasium from the Realschule, a secondary school offering a less theoretical education. One can either enter after the first grade of the Realschule into the second grade of the Liechensteinisches Gymnasium (US2), the third grade of the Realschile into the fourth grade of the Liechensteinisches Gymnasium (OS1), or the fourth grade of the Realschule into the fourth grade of the Liechensteinisches Gymnasium (OS1).

All students study the same subjects in each grade. Starting in US1, students study Religious Education, Geography and History, German, Science, Informatics, Technics and Needlework, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Mathematics. Starting in US2, students start studying English, Latin and French. In addition, there is one "class lesson" (Lebenskunde) per week.

There are no exemptions from certain classes for students from the subjects mentioned above. Students may, however, choose additional subjects to study in addition if they like.


The Oberstufe (upper grades) of the Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium comprises four grades called OS1, OS2, OS3 and OS4. In the Oberstufe, the pupils must choose one out of five education tracks:

  • Lingua (Latin and Italian Language)
  • Modern languages (Spanish, Italian or Latin)
  • Art, Music, and Pedagogy (art, music and pedagogy)
  • Economics and Law ( Business administration/law, accounting (OS1 and OS2) or economics (OS3 and OS4), integrated subject economics)
  • Mathematics and Science (Computer science; the subjects mathematics, physics*, biology*, chemistry and geography have higher numbers of lessons than usual)

During a school day, students take a number of base subjects in addition to several classes that come from the educational track they chose. Basic subjects include English, German, French, mathematics, physics, and physical education. In OS3 and OS4, students additionally chose elective courses that further enhance their specialisation.

The courses in several subjects are only taught in some of the grades:

  • OS1: Biology, Economics and Law, history, Art, Music, Religious Education and Ethics
  • OS2: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Art or Music, Religious Education and Ethics
  • OS3: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Art or Music, Philosophy
  • OS4: Geography, Economics and Law, History, Religious Education and Ethics, Philosophy


In order to meet the requirements for the Matura (graduation exam admission), a student must have successfully completed OS4 and received a "sufficient" mark in two dissertations. Written examinations are held in German, English or French, Mathematics, and a subject related to the student's specialisation. Oral examinations are held in German, Philosophy, Religious Education, Ethics or History, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography or Economics and Law, English, French, Italian, Spanish or Latin, and a subject chosen by the student.

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