Lieinix nemesis

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Lieinix nemesis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Pieridae
Genus: Lieinix
Species: L. nemesis
Binomial name
Lieinix nemesis
(Latreille, [1813])[1]
  • Pieris nemesis Latreille, [1813]
  • Acmepteron nemesis
  • Dismorphia nemesis
  • Dismorphia nomesis obolal Martin, [1923] (nom. nud.)
  • Leptalis atthis Doubleday, 1842
  • Dismorphia nomesis chara Martin, [1923] (nom. nud.)
  • Lieinix nemesis megaera Lamas, 1979

Lieinix nemesis, the frosted mimic-white, nemesis mimic white or falcate dismorphia, is a butterfly in the Pieridae family. It is found from Mexico to Peru. The habitat consists of mid-elevation cloudforests.[2]

The wingspan is 55–65 mm (2.2–2.6 in).[3] Adults are sexually dimorphic. The upper surface of the male forewing is black and spotted with creamy white. The female forewing is white with a black apical area and a black streak across the discal cell.[2]

The larvae probably feed on Inga species, including Inga mortoniana and Inga densiflora.[1] Full-grown larvae are dark green and covered with short hairs. Pupation takes place in a green chrysalis which is attached to the stem of the host plant at an angle of 45 degrees.[2]


The following subspecies are recognised:[1]

  • Lieinix nemesis nemesis (Ecuador)
  • Lieinix nemesis nayaritensis Llorente, 1984 (Mexico)
  • Lieinix nemesis atthis (Doubleday, 1842) (Mexico, El Salvador)