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Liepāja Special Economic Zone (Latvian: Liepājas SEZ) - is a zone in Liepāja, Latvia with a lowered tax rates, compared to the rest of the territory of Latvia. Liepāja Special Economic zone was established in 1997 for a 20-year period with the aim of developing trade, industry, shipping and air traffic, as well as international freight flow via Latvia. The goal of the Liepāja SEZ is to attract investments for the development of manufacturing and infrastructure, and creation of new jobs.

Companies with SEZ status operating in the free zone have the right to the following direct tax exemptions:

  • 80% allowance on corporate income tax;
  • 80% - 100% allowance on real estate tax.

The Liepāja SEZ covers approximately 30 km² which is almost 65% of the city territory. The SEZ territory consists of:

  • Port (3.7 km² land territory, 8.1 km² - aquatorium).
  • Industrial area of the town with total area - 5.427 km²
  • Liepāja International Airport with total area - 2.511 km², it being the second largest airport in Latvia
  • Former military base Karosta with total area approximately 20 km².

More than 20 km² of Liepāja SEZ territory are classified as "free territories", which are available for potential investors for development of business.


Law on Liepāja's Special Economic Zone - on Liepaja Special Economic Zone.pdf


Investments volume in Liepaja SEZ by company, 1000 LVL

Companies working in Liepājas SEZ[edit]

As of 2007 more than 30 companies carry out their business in Liepāja SEZ:

KRASTS INVESTS, LSEZ Ltd. Certificate SEZ No.1 (29.01.1998) Cold storage services, cargo handling

TERRABALT, LSEZ Ltd. Forwarding, ships' agency, stevedoring services, customs broker

DUNA, LSEZ Ltd. Stevedoring services, forwarding, ships' agency.

LASKANA, LSEZ Ltd. Wood-working industry, stevedoring services, forwarding, ship's agency

MOLS-L, LSEZ Ltd. Stevedoring services, cargo storage

TRANSWIDE SERVICES, LSEZ Ltd. Stevedoring services, forwarding

LIEPĀJAS OSTA LM, LSEZ Jsc. General/ bulk cargo terminal, forwarding agency, ship's agency, chartering, bonded warehouse

PIEMARE, LSEZ Ltd. Full agency, stevedoring services, cold storage

SOLO-L, LSEZ Ltd. Bonded warehouses

LIEPĀJA TRANS STORAGE, LSEZ Ltd. Free customs zone warehouses

LIEPĀJA BULK TERMINAL, LSEZ Ltd. Free customs zonewarehouses

KURSA, LSEZ Jsc. Fish industry, off-shorefishing, cold storage

PUMAC LIEPĀJA, LSEZ Ltd. Metal processing, assembling

DU CONS, LSEZ Ltd. Wood processing

ERKE, LSEZ Ltd. Furniture production

ELME MESSER METALURGS, LSEZ Ltd. Technical oxygen production

BALTIC TRANSSHIPMENT CENTER, LSEZ Ltd. Stevedoring services, distribution of grain products

E.T.B., LSEZ Ltd. Metal processing, tile production, road transportation

RT metāls, LSEZ Ltd. Metal processing

SCAN-PLAST, LSEZ Ltd. Production of plastic goods and chemical materials

EUROSTEEL, LSEZ Ltd. Metal processing

GLEN OIL, LSEZ Ltd. Stevedoring services

DG Termināls, LSEZ Ltd. Stevedoring services

PK- Invest, LSEZ Ltd. Fish industry

KOLUMBIJA LTD, LSEZ Ltd. Fish industry

LESJOFORS SPRINGS LV, LSEZ Ltd. Metal processing

DAN STORE, LSEZ Ltd. Cargo storage

PLUS PROCESS LIEPAJA, LSEZ Ltd. Production of electronic benchboard


J.J.STAL, LSEZ Ltd. Metal processing

Baltic Timber Industries, LSEZ Ltd. Wood processing

AE Partner


IG Baltic

IG Latvia

Transit Service

Caljan Rite-Hite Latvia


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