Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

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Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me
Jacket of Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me
Editor Chelsea Handler
Country United States
Language English
Genre Creative nonfiction
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Publication date
May 15, 2011
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 304 pp (first edition)
ISBN 9780446584715
Preceded by Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
Followed by Uganda Be Kidding Me

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me is the fourth book by American comedian Chelsea Handler that was published in May 2011.[1] This book was a part of a three book deal Handler signed in November 2010. The book was followed by a "Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me" Tour, on which Handler was accompanied by the Comedians of Chelsea Lately.[2]


The book consists of humorous essays written by Handler's coworkers and family members about lies and pranks Handler has pulled on them.


The chapters (essays) are in the book as follows, with the authors name in parenthesis

  1. Zookeeper (Johnny Kansas)
  2. Pap Smears and Punctuation Marks (Stephanie Stehling)
  3. How to Make a Marriage Work (Heather McDonald)
  4. A Brother's Testimony (Roy Handler)
  5. My Name is Brad Wollack and I'm Unattractive (Brad Wollack)
  6. Dial tone, a Chelsea Specialty (Amber Mazzola)
  7. Go Lakers (Josh Wolf)
  8. Sisterly Love (Shoshonna Handler)
  9. Eva is My Name, Comedy is My Game (Eva Magdalenski)
  10. Lies and Other Things I Wish Were Lies (Amy Meyer)
  11. Pubescent and Adolescent Mendacity, 1985-1991 (Glen Handler)
  12. Standards and Practices
  13. Raise the Woof (Chunk)


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