Lies for the Liars

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Lies for the Liars
A box-headed creature sitting in a chair on a black hill
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 22, 2007 (2007-05-22)
StudioFoxy Studios, Los Angeles, California
ProducerJohn Feldmann
The Used chronology
In Love and Death
Lies for the Liars
Shallow Believer
Singles from Lies for the Liars
  1. "The Bird and the Worm"
    Released: April 3, 2007
  2. "Pretty Handsome Awkward"
    Released: August 21, 2007

Lies for the Liars is the third studio album by American rock band the Used. It was released on May 22, 2007, and certified gold.[1]


On September 12, 2006, it was announced that drummer Branden Steineckert left the band.[2] However, a day later, Steineckert explained that he was in fact kicked out of the band: "Quinn, Bert and Jeph have agreed that they no longer want to play music with me."[3] In addition, they added that recording was nearly done.[4] However, two months later the band was still working on the album.[5]

In total, the band recorded 19 songs, from about 40 that were written in preparation for the album. Dean Butterworth of Good Charlotte recorded the drums for the album.


On January 17, 2007, Dan Whitesides, formerly of New Transit Direction, was announced as Steineckert's replacement.[6] From mid February to early April 2007, the band co-headlined the 2007 edition of the Taste of Chaos tour.[7] On February 24, Lies for the Liars was announced for release in May.[8] "The Bird and the Worm" was made available for streaming on March 19[9] through AOL Music,[10] and released to radio on April 3.[11] In April, the band performed in the UK as part of the Give it a Name festival.[12] A music video for "The Bird and the Worm" was released on April 26.[13] A behind-the-scenes video of the music video was released on May 11.[14] Lies for the Liars was made available for streaming on May 18[15] through their Myspace account,[16] and released four days later through Reprise.[9] The special edition version includes a bonus DVD, slightly different artwork, special casing, and a 24-page booklet packed with vibrant images of the band and Chadam. The special casing is fashioned to look like a book, with the pages within holding several photographs of the band and different fictional characters as well as the lyrics. The DVD has a 20-minute feature on the making of the album.[17]

The group were initially planned to appear on the Warped Tour from late June to early July.[18] However, shortly prior to the beginning of the tour, it was announced that McCraken would be having vocal surgery, which forced the band to abandon the tour.[19] "Pretty Handsome Awkward" was released to US alternative radio on August 21[11] and released to UK radio on September 3.[12] From mid August to early October, the band went a tour of the US.[20] In between this, the group performed on the main stage at Reading and Leeds Festivals in the UK.[12] Following the tour, the group went visited Australia and New Zealand on the Taste of Chaos Down Under tour.[21] Further tours of Japan and Europe were undertaken in November.[20] A demo version of "Smother Me" was posted on the group's Myspace on December 1.[22] A few outtakes from the recording sessions, namely "Dark Days", "Slit Your Own Throat", "Devil Beside You", "My Pesticide", "Sun Comes Up", "Sick Hearts" and "Tunnel", were released on the Shallow Believer EP in February 2008.[23]


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Metacritic(58/100) [24]
Review scores
AbsolutePunk(62%) [25]
AllMusic3/5 stars [26]
Alternative Press4/5 stars [27]
Blender3/5 stars [28]
Entertainment WeeklyB [29]
Hot Press(3/5) [30]
IGN(7.7/10) [31]
The New York Times(average) [32]
NME(4/10) [33]
Now1/5 stars [24]
Spin(6/10) [34]
Stylus MagazineB− [35]
Twisted Ear2/5 stars [36]
The Village Voice(unfavorable) [37]

The album peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200. It charted at number 39 in the UK and became the group's fastest-selling album in that country.[12]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Quinn Allman, Bert McCracken and Jeph Howard.

1."The Ripper"2:56
2."Pretty Handsome Awkward"3:32
3."The Bird and the Worm"3:45
7."With Me Tonight"3:06
8."Wake the Dead"4:14
9."Find a Way"3:21
10."Liar Liar (Burn in Hell)"2:52
11."Smother Me" (with hidden track "Queso")6:17
Total length:39:41

Additional track information[edit]

The Used recorded 19 songs during the Lies for the Liars recording session. The 8 b-sides from the session are titled "Dark Days", "Devil Beside You", "Silt Your Own Throat", "My Pesticide", "Sun Comes Up", "Sick Hearts", "Pain" and "Tunnel". The b-sides were released as bonus tracks from select retailers and later appeared on Shallow Believer. "Tunnel" is the only track that is different between the early bonus track release and Shallow Believer release a year later. A hidden track was also included titled "Queso" which is a 29-second song that is about a quesadilla. Though it was first released on the Used's MySpace in late 2006, most fans talked about it on message boards and thought of it as a joke, it was not expected to actually be on the album. A demo version of "Smother Me" was also posted on the band's MySpace page.

Best Buy bonus tracks
12."Dark Days" (later appeared on Shallow Believer)3:49
13."Devil Beside You" (later appeared on Shallow Believer)3:45
Rhapsody bonus tracks
12."My Pesticide" (later appeared on Shallow Believer)3:07
13."On My Own" (Live, same track from Maybe Memories)2:26
f.y.e. bonus track
12."Slit Your Own Throat" (later appeared on Shallow Believer)3:04
Target bonus tracks
12."Tunnel" (a slightly different version later appeared on Shallow Believer)3:46
13."Maybe Memories" (Live, same track from Berth)3:11
Japanese bonus track
12."Devil Beside You" (later appeared on Shallow Believer)3:47
Total length:43:39
iTunes bonus tracks
12."Pain" (later appeared on Shallow Believer)4:29
13."A Box Full of Sharp Objects" (Live, same track from Maybe Memories; pre-order only)2:56
Special edition DVD
1."The Making of Lies for the Liars"19:23



Chart Peak
Australian Albums Chart[38] 5
Austrian Albums Chart[39] 48
Canadian Albums Chart[40] 3
German Albums Chart[41] 61
New Zealand Albums Chart[42] 38
UK Albums Chart[43] 39
US Billboard 200[44] 5

Release history[edit]


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