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Lietava Castle from Lietavská Svinná

The Lietava Castle (Slovak: Lietavský hrad, older names Litova, Letava, Lethowa, Zsolnalitva) is an extensive castle ruin in the Súľov Mountains of northern Slovakia, between the villages of Lietava and Lietavská Svinná-Babkov in the Žilina District.


The castle was built after 1241, most likely as an administrative and military centre. In the early 14th century, it is mentioned with Máté Csák III, one of the powerful magnates in the Kingdom of Hungary. The castle changed hands until the 16th century when the Thurzó family gained it. It was reconstructed and fortified, and given its own military garrison. After the death of Imre Thurzó in 1621, it was divided between his heirs. After the ownership disputes in 1641, they lost interest in it. The castle report in 1698 said that the castle was uninhabited and there was only an archive, which was moved to the Orava Castle (Hungarian: Árva) in the 1760s. After that, the castle was abandoned and not used any more.


Today the castle is in the hands of the non-profit organisation Združenie na záchranu Lietavského hradu, which takes care about the castle and perform the conservation works on this ruined castle.

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