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Post office in Vilnius, Gedimino prospektas
Post office in Kaunas, Laisvės alėja

Lietuvos paštas is the company responsible for postal service in Lithuania. In 2010 the Lithuanian Post consisted of 870 access points of them fixed 735 post offices and 135 service locations you visit the company's mobile post offices.


In 11 July, 1562 Grand Duke of Lithuania and the Polish King Sigismund Augustus commissioned Christopher Taxis organize regular mail transport route Vilnius-Krakow-Vienna-Venice. At that time, letters from Krakow reached within 7 days.

Post's importance increased after 1583. Polish King Stefan Batory granted mail publicity - found the same charges. Have access to mail everyone. At the time, started to deliver mail on a regular basis.

In November 16, 1918, Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry Minister Martin Yčas signed a decree establishing a Lithuanian postal board. From this day officially counted Lithuanian postal history.

World War II has destroyed Lithuanian relations preclude postal transport and rail transport was not operational. Lithuanian Post activity was completely dependent on Moscow.

In October 7, 1990 mail came into circulation in the first of the independent Lithuanian stamp series "Angel". On December 17, 1991 Lithuania decided to reorganize the management structure of communication - between mail contacts from electrical connections, setting up a state enterprise Lithuanian Post and the state enterprise Lietuvos Telekomas that will act as the public telephony operator. In 2006 the company was reorganized into a joint stock company.

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