List of lieutenant governors of Rhode Island

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Seal of the Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island is Daniel McKee.[1] He assumed office January 6, 2015.

In Rhode Island, the lieutenant governor and governor of Rhode Island are elected on separate tickets.

Deputy Governors of the Colony of Rhode Island[edit]

Dr. John Clarke, Deputy Governor 1669-70, 1671-72

The Royal Charter was suspended from 1686 until 1689.

William Bradford, last deputy governor of the colony and first deputy governor of the state

Deputy and lieutenant governors of the State of Rhode Island[edit]

Name Party Term Start Term End Residence
William Bradford Nov. 1775 May 1778 Bristol
Jabez Bowen May 1778 May 1780 Providence
William West May 1780 May 1781 Scituate
Jabez Bowen May 1781 May 1786 Providence
Daniel Owen May 1786 May 1790 Glocester
Samuel J. Potter May 1790 Feb. 1799 S. Kingstown

The title of the office was changed to "Lieutenant Governor" in 1798.

Name Party Term Start Term End Residence Governor(s) served under
George Brown 1799 1800 S. Kingstown Arthur Fenner
Samuel J. Potter 1800 1803 S. Kingstown Arthur Fenner
Paul Mumford 1803 1805 Newport Arthur Fenner
Isaac Wilbour 1806 1807 Little Compton Isaac Wilbour
Constant Taber 1807 1808 Newport James Fenner
Simeon Martin 1808 1810 Newport James Fenner
Isaac Wilbour 1810 1811 Little Compton James Fenner
Simeon Martin 1811 1816 Newport William Jones
Jeremiah Thurston 1816 1817 Hopkinton William Jones
Edward Wilcox 1817 1821 Charlestown Nehemiah R. Knight
Caleb Earle 1821 1824 Providence William C. Gibbs
Charles Collins 1824 1833 Newport James Fenner
Lemuel H. Arnold
Jeffrey Hazard 1833 1835 Exeter John B. Francis
George Engs 1835 1836 Newport John B. Francis
Jeffrey Hazard 1836 1837 Exeter John B. Francis
Benjamin Babock Thurston 1837 1838 Hopkinton John B. Francis
Joseph Childs 1838 1839 Portsmouth William Sprague III
Byron Diman 1840 1842 Bristol Samuel Ward King
Nathaniel Bullock 1842 1843 Bristol Thomas Dorr

Lieutenant Governors Under The Constitution, 1843-present[edit]

Samuel G. Arnold, Lieutenant Governor, 1852–1853, 1861–1862
William Greene, Lieutenant Governor 1866-1868
Arthur W. Dennis, Lieutenant Governor 1909-1910
Felix A. Toupin, Lieutenant Governor 1923-1925
Bob Weygand, Lieutenant Governor from 1993-1997
Name Party Term Start Term End Governor(s) served under Residence
Byron Diman Law & Order 1843 1846 Arthur Fenner
Charles Jackson
Elisha Harris Whig 1846 1847 Byron Diman Coventry
Edward W. Lawton 1847 1849 Elisha Harris Newport
Thomas Whipple 1849 1851 Henry B. Anthony Coventry
William Beach Lawrence Democratic 1851 1852 Philip Allen Newport
Samuel G. Arnold Whig 1852 1853 Philip Allen Providence
Francis M. Dimond Democratic 1853 1854 himself Bristol
John J. Reynolds 1854 1855 William W. Hoppin N. Kingstown
Anderson C. Rose 1855 1856 William W. Hoppin New Shoreham
Nicholas Brown III 1856 1857 William W. Hoppin Warwick
Thomas G. Turner Republican 1857 1859 Elisha Dyer Warren
Isaac Saunders 1859 1860 Thomas G. Turner Scituate
J. Russell Bullock 1860 1861 William Sprague IV Bristol
Samuel G. Arnold Democratic & Constitutional Unionist 1861 1862 William Sprague IV Providence
Seth Padelford Republican 1863 1865 William C. Cozzens
James Y. Smith
Duncan Pell 1865 1866 James Y. Smith Newport
William Greene 1866 1868 Ambrose Everett Burnside Warwick
Pardon Stevens 1868 1872 Ambrose Everett Burnside
Seth Padelford
Charles Cutler 1872 1873 Seth Padelford Warren
Charles C. Van Zandt Republican 1873 1875 Henry Howard Newport
Henry Tillinghast Sisson Republican 1875 1877 Henry Lippitt Little Compton
Albert Howard 1877 1880 Charles C. Van Zandt E. Providence
Henry Fay 1880 1883 Alfred H. Littlefield Newport
Oscar Rathbun 1883 1885 Augustus O. Bourn Woonsocket
Lucius B. Darling Republican 1885 1887 George P. Wetmore Pawtucket
Samuel R. Honey 1887 1888 John W. Davis Newport
Enos Lapham 1888 1889 Royal C. Taft Warwick
Daniel Littlefield Republican 1889 1890 Herbert W. Ladd Central Falls
William T. C. Wardwell 1890 1891 John W. Davis Bristol
Henry A. Stearns Republican 1891 1892 Herbert W. Ladd Lincoln
Melville Bull Republican 1892 1894 D. Russell Brown Middletown
Edwin Allen 1894 1897 D. Russell Brown
Charles W. Lippitt
Aram J. Pothier Republican 1897 1898 Elisha Dyer, Jr. Woonsocket
William Gregory Republican 1898 1900 Elisha Dyer, Jr. N. Kingstown
Charles D. Kimball Republican 1900 1901 William Gregory Providence
George L. Shepley Republican 1902 1903 Charles D. Kimball Providence
Adelard Archambault Democratic 1903 1904 Lucius F. C. Garvin Woonsocket
George H. Utter Republican 1904 1905 Lucius F. C. Garvin Westerly
Frederick H. Jackson Republican 1905 1908 George H. Utter Providence
Ralph Watrous Republican 1908 1909 James H. Higgins Warwick
Arthur W. Dennis Republican 1909 1910 Aram J. Pothier Providence
Zenas Work Bliss Republican 1910 1913 Aram J. Pothier Cranston
Rosewell Burchard Republican 1913 1915 Aram J. Pothier L. Compton
Emery J. San Souci Republican 1915 1921 R. Livingston Beeckman Providence
Harold Gross Republican 1921 1923 Emery J. San Souci Providence
Felix A. Toupin Democratic 1923 1925 William S. Flynn Lincoln
Nathaniel W. Smith Republican 1925 1927 Aram J. Pothier S. Kingstown
Norman S. Case Republican 1927 1928 Aram J. Pothier Providence
James G. Connelly Republican 1929 1933 Norman S. Case Pawtucket
Robert E. Quinn Democratic 1933 1937 Theodore Francis Green W. Warwick
Raymond E. Jordan Democratic 1937 1939 Robert E. Quinn Pawtucket
James O. McManus Republican 1939 1941 William Henry Vanderbilt III W. Warwick
Louis W. Cappelli Democratic 1941 1944 J. Howard McGrath Providence
John O. Pastore Democratic 1945 1945 J. Howard McGrath Providence
John S. McKiernan Democratic 1945 1957 John O. Pastore
Dennis J. Roberts
Armand H. Cote Democratic 1957 1959 Dennis J. Roberts Pawtucket
John A. Notte, Jr. Democratic 1959 1961 Christopher Del Sesto Providence
Edward P. Gallogly Democratic 1961 1965 John A. Notte, Jr.
John Chafee
Giovanni Folcarelli Democratic 1965 1967 John Chafee Scituate
Joseph O'Donnell, Jr. Republican 1967 1969 John Chafee N. Smithfield
J. Joseph Garrahy Democratic 1969 1977 Frank Licht
Philip W. Noel
Thomas R. DiLuglio Democratic 1977 1985 J. Joseph Garrahy Johnston
Richard A. Licht Democratic 1985 1989 Edward D. DiPrete Providence
Roger N. Begin Democratic 1989 1993 Edward D. DiPrete
Bruce Sundlun
Robert Weygand Democratic 1993 1997 Bruce Sundlun
Lincoln C. Almond
E. Providence
Bernard Jackvony Republican 1997 1999 Lincoln C. Almond E. Greenwich
Charles J. Fogarty Democratic 1999 2007 Lincoln C. Almond
Donald Carcieri
Elizabeth H. Roberts Democratic 2007 2015 Donald Carcieri
Lincoln Chafee
Daniel McKee Democratic 2015 present Gina Raimondo Cumberland

2010 controversy[edit]

During the 2010 elections, the Cool Moose Party of Rhode Island submitted Bob Healey as candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He ran on the proposition that he will attempt to abolish the office of Lieutenant Governor itself.[2]