List of lieutenant governors of Rhode Island

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Seal of the Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island.svg

The lieutenant governor of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is Daniel McKee.[1] He assumed office January 6, 2015.

In Rhode Island, the lieutenant governor and governor of Rhode Island are elected on separate tickets.

Deputy Governors of the Colony of Rhode Island[edit]

Dr. John Clarke, Deputy Governor 1669-70, 1671-72

The Royal Charter was suspended from 1686 until 1689.

William Bradford, last deputy governor of the colony and first deputy governor of the state

Deputy and lieutenant governors of the State of Rhode Island[edit]

The title was changed to “Lieutenant Governor” in 1798.

Lieutenant Governors Under The Constitution, 1843 –

Samuel G. Arnold, Lieutenant Governor, 1852–1853, 1861–1862
William Greene, Lieutenant Governor 1866-1868
Bob Weygand, Lieutenant Governor from 1993-1997

2010 controversy[edit]

During the 2010 elections, the Cool Moose Party of Rhode Island submitted Bob Healey as candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He ran on the proposition that he will attempt to abolish the office of Lieutenant Governor.[2]