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Life, Liberty & Levin
Presented byMark Levin
Country of originUnited States
Production location(s)Loudoun County, Virginia
Original networkFox News
Original releaseFebruary 25, 2018 (2018-02-25)

Life, Liberty & Levin is an American political talk show hosted by conservative media personality Mark Levin and broadcast by Fox News. It premiered on February 25, 2018.[1][2] Each week features an interview with a different guest for the full hour.

In November 2017, Fox News announced that it had signed Levin for a weekend series to air on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern beginning in February 2018. According to a pre-debut network news release, the program will explore "the fundamental values and principles undergirding American society, culture, politics, and current events, and their relevance to the nation's future and everyday lives of citizens."

Episode List[edit]

Date Guests Description
2018-02-25 Walter E. Williams "Professor of economics at George Mason University"
2018-03-04 Devin Nunes "Obama administration spied on Trump campaign, use of Dossier, FISA warrant"
2018-03-11 Benjamin Netanyahu "Benjamin Netanyahu opens up about his history with America"
2018-03-18 Larry P. Arnn "Taking a deep dive into the Declaration of Independence"
2018-03-25 Mike Lee "Budget process is bad for the American people"
2018-04-01 Edwin Meese III "Former US attorney general on working with Reagan"
2018-04-08 Sarah Palin "Sarah Palin opens up about running for vice president"
2018-04-15 Charlie Kirk and Daniel Horowitz "Young conservatives discuss the state of American politics"
2018-04-22 Dr. Peter Pry "What threats face America's electrical grid?"
2018-04-29 David Berlinski "The link between evolution, science and progressivism"
2018-05-06 Joseph diGenova and Dan Bongino "The Mueller investigation is illegitimate"
2018-05-13 Gary Sinise "Gary Sinise on his childhood, acting and supporting veterans"
2018-05-20 Gordon Chang "The history of US-North Korea relations"
2018-05-27 Dr. Peter Pry "What threats face America's electrical grid?" (repeat of April 22, 2018 episode)
2018-06-03 Andy McCarthy and David Limbaugh "Break down of the Mueller probe"
2018-06-10 Ron DeSantis and Lee Zeldin "The North Korea summit"
2018-06-17 Dr. Zuhdi Jasser "Terror threats facing the United States"
2018-06-24 Dr. Mark J. Perry "Fair trade vs. free trade: which is better for the US?"
2018-07-01 Sean Hannity "Attacks from the left, defending America"
2018-07-08 Gary Sinise "Gary Sinise on his childhood, acting and supporting veterans" (repeat of May 13, 2018 episode)
2018-07-15 Shelby Steele "Race relations, equality in America"
2018-07-22 Mike Huckabee "Family, faith and freedom"
2018-07-29 Allen West "His transition from the military into politics"
2018-08-05 Rick Harrison "His journey to 'Pawn Stars'"
2018-08-12 Dr. Michael Pillsbury "Has China been duping the US for nearly half a century?
2018-08-19 Tom Coburn and Mark Meckler "Call for a Convention of States"
2018-08-26 Katie Pavlich and Candace Owens "Why they are conservative"
2018-09-02 Shelby Steele "Race relations, equality in America" (repeat of July 15, 2018 episode)
2018-09-09 Jon Voigt "Burt Reynolds, you were a true artist"
2018-09-16 Gregg Jarrett and Bradley Smith "Campaign finance laws"
2018-09-23 Mark Levin "Democrats and the judicial confirmation process"
2018-09-30 Matt Bevin "His 2018 midterm predictions"
2018-10-07 Mollie Hemingway and Joe Concha "Analyzing the media coverage of Judge Brett Kavanaugh"
2018-10-14 George Gilder "Capitalism vs. socialism"
2018-10-21 Dr. Patrick Michaels "The truth about global warming"
2018-10-28 Newt Gingrich "the evolution of conservatism"
2018-11-04 John McLaughlin (pollster) "The key fights ahead of Election Day"
2018-11-11 Jim Jordan and Chip Roy "Why the GOP lost the House"
2018-11-18 Victor Davis Hanson "Why he supports Trump"
2018-11-25 George Gilder "Capitalism vs. socialism" (repeat of October 14, 2018 episode)
2018-12-02 Heather MacDonald "US colleges are breeding hate"
2018-12-09 Steve Scalise "The day that changed his life"
2018-12-16 Jon Voigt "Burt Reynolds, you were a true artist" (repeat of September 9, 2018 episode)
2018-12-30 Edwin Meese III "Former US attorney general on working with Reagan" (repeat of April 1, 2018 episode)
2019-01-06 Brent Bozell "Why now more than ever are the media showing their fangs?"
2019-01-13 Paul Kengor "Whether Sen. Ted Kennedy approached the Russia government ahead of Ronald Reagan's reelection bid"
2019-01-20 Curt Schilling "Former Major League Baseball star Curt Schilling weighs in on his omission from Cooperstown, President Trump's agenda and re-election chances"
2019-01-27 Sidney Powell "Attorney Sidney Powell, author of 'Licensed to Lie,' examines Andrew Weissmann's role in the prosecution of Enron and the destruction of Arthur Andersen."
2019-02-10 Fred Dryer "Former football star and actor Mark Levin for a frank conversation on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'"
2019-02-17 Jack Keane "Fox News senior strategic analyst retired Gen. Jack Keane breaks down the threat posed by Beijing."
2019-02-24 Ken Starr "Former independent counsel Ken Starr weighs in on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'"
2019-03-03 Brandon Straka "#walkaway Campaign Founder Brandon Straka."
2019-03-10 L. Lin Wood "Attorney Lin Wood"
2019-03-17 William Bennett "former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett"
2019-03-31 John Solomon and Sara A. Carter "Sara A. Carter and John Solomon join Mark to discuss the state of modern journalism, the FISA courts, and what Obama knew about Russian interference before the 2016 election"
2019-04-07 Lara Logan "Journalist Lara Logan to talk about her time in Afghanistan and Iraq, reporting on Benghazi, and the state of today's media"
2019-04-14 Mike Lindell "Mike Lindell, founder/CEO of MyPillow, Inc., to discuss his battle with addiction, his faith, the Trump presidency, and his rise to success in business"
2019-04-20 Byron York "Byron York, the Washington Examiner chief political correspondent, to discuss the latest on the Mueller Report release"
2019-04-21 Mark Levin "An in-depth look at the Mueller report findings"
2019-04-28 Ken Cuccinelli "Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to discuss the Mueller report fallout and other legal challenges the Trump administration is facing"
2019-05-05 Sally Pipes "Healthcare expert, Sally Pipes to discuss the Affordable Care Act, rising prescription drug costs and the Trump administration’s plans for healthcare reform."
2019-05-12 Dr. John Eastman "Constitutional scholar Dr. John Eastman where they discuss all the latest news of the week"


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