Life... But How to Live It?

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Life... But How To Live It?
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Hardcore Punk
Years active 1988 (1988)–1994, 2002, 2008
Past members
Tom Andreassen - recording a live album
Roger Andreassen - recording a live album

Life... But How to Live It? was a Norwegian band, formed in Oslo in 1988. They played their first show at UFFA, Trondheim October 22, 1988 and their final show at Kampen Verksted, Oslo, April 2, 1994.


Life... But How to Live It? live in Bologna, Italy - November 11th, 1990

The band was formed in the summer of 1988. The members all frequented Blitz, a squatted building in the middle of Oslo, where many other notable Norwegian hardcore bands such as So Much Hate and Stengte Dører had their base in the late eighties. LBHTLI toured extensively, near 300 concerts in fifteen countries in the five years they kept together and managed to release a live album on Your Choice Records, produced by Tobby Holzinger. They split up in 1994

They have reformed to play three concerts since the brake up; once in 2002 celebrating Blitz' 20th anniversary, and twice in 2008.

Post break up[edit]

Andreassen and Andreassen later went on to play with Captain Not Responsible, Drunk and Danger!Man.[1] Dyret also played Captain Not Responsible as well as Mitti Skritti and 2:20.[2] In 2010, Osvold was a founding member of Castro. In 2015, she appeared on episode 2 of Norwegian documentary series Punx.[3]


Their song 'Green' was played on G7 Welcoming Committee's fourth podcast.


  • Katja Benneche Osvold - Vocals
  • Roger Andreassen - Guitars
  • Tom Andreassen - Bass
  • Geir Petter "Dyret" (Norwegian for animal) Jenssen - Drums[2]



  • LP - Life, But How To Live It? (X-Port Plater 1989)
  • LP - Day By Day (Konkurrel 1990)
  • CD/LP - Ugly (Progress Records / RPN Records / Boss Tuneage 1992)


  • 7" - Green (Beri-Beri Records 1990)
  • 7" - Burn (Beri-Beri Records 1991)

Live albums[edit]


  • CD - Green / Burn (Fuck You All Records / Boss Tuneage 1992) (The two 7"s on one CD)
  • LP - Life But How To Live It? (Ebullition 1994) (the Green/Burn CD from 1992 on LP.)
  • CD - Life, But How To Live It? (Progress Records 1996) The two first LPs on one CD.

Featured on[edit]

  • LP - Blitz Hits (Blitz Recordings 1989)
  • 10"- It's Your Choice (Your Choice Records 1991). Various songs from the Your Choice Live Series.
  • CD - Life Is Change Vol 2 (Beri-Beri Records 1991).
  • CD - Subbacultcha
  • CD - Svarte Pantere (Sound-track) (Polygram Records 1992).
  • CD - Blitz - 10 år på pur faen (Progress Records 1992).
  • 7" - Ox EP Free with the German "Ox Fanzine" in 1992.
  • CD - Free with Rock Furore (Norwegian Music Magazine, nr 4-1992).
  • CD - Planet Progress (Progress Records 1993)
  • CD - Progress Yourself (Progress Records 1996)


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