Life According to Sam

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Life According to Sam
Life According to Sam.jpg
Directed by Sean Fine
Andrea Nix Fine
Produced by Sean Fine
Andrea Nix Fine
Starring Sam Berns
Distributed by HBO
Release date
October 21, 2013
Running time
94 minutes

Life According to Sam is a 2013 documentary film based on the life of Sam Berns, who suffered from progeria. Berns died on 10 January 2014.

The documentary was produced by HBO,[1] screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013, and directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine. It won a 2013 Peabody Award.[2] It won an Emmy Award for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking.[3][4][5][6]

Life According to Sam is a 2013 documentary film based on the life of Sam Berns and has been shown at film festivals, including Sundance, and it was broadcast on HBO in October. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said it is among 15 documentaries considered for Oscar nominations.


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