Life After Dark

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Life After Dark
Mark W life.jpg
Studio album by Mark Williams
Released 1980
Genre Pop
Label CBS Australia
Producer Alan Galbraith
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Life After Dark
Mark Williams ZNZ

Life After Dark is the first Australian studio album by Mark Williams released in 1980. It marked his first attempt to duplicate the highly successful solo career he achieved back in his home country of New Zealand. A single from the album, "Wanna Give You My Love"/"Your Mama Won't Mind", had been pre-released in late 1978 with a subsequent single, "I Don't Want You Anymore"/"Now That You're Gone", pre-released in 1979.

Success in Australia proved to be more difficult with neither single nor album making it to the Australian charts. It would be ten years before Williams would release a subsequent Australian album with the decade in between spent touring with other bands, working on television and starting a new band in Sydney named Boy Rocking, also signed to CBS Australia.