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Life Changing Seminars (LCS) is an international ministry based in Salisbury, North Carolina, dedicated to teaching a distinctively Christian approach to time management. Life Changing Seminars is an umbrella organization for other ministries such as Redeeming the Time Radio and the Fellowship of Legislative Chaplains. It is a non-profit or charitable organization as defined by the IRS.


Life Changing Seminars began as a small-group Bible study in 1984. George Robert French, pastor of Hobe Sound Bible Church, asked Rick Grubbs to lead a small-group Bible study. Rick Grubbs, a student at Hobe Sound Bible College, led the Bible study on the topic of Redeeming the Time. The response was so positive that he began to develop and expand on the topic of Redeeming the Time and began to present it at every opportunity. In 1987, Life Changing Seminars as it is known today was incorporated in the state of Florida.

The original name for the organization was Institute in Life Management Skills and was based in Hobe Sound, Florida. The name for the organization was a direct result of the influence that the founder, Rick Grubbs, had received from the Institute in Basic Life Principles in Oakbrook, Illinois.

The Institute in Life Management Skills was the umbrella organization for the Fellowship of Legislative Chaplains which was founded by Rick Grubbs in 1989. This fellowship launched a program to sponsor a White House chaplaincy which gained endorsements from a large number of Christian leaders and was reviewed by President George H.W. Bush and featured in U.S. News and World Report.

In 1995, the name of the ministry was changed to Life Changers and existed in this capacity until 2001. After it was discovered that another Christian organization also owned the name Life Changers, the name was officially changed to Life Changing Seminars.


In 1998, Life Changing Seminars relocated to Salisbury, North Carolina and began to exhibit unusual growth over the next few years. This growth was a direct result of several factors

  1. the employment full-time of Rick Grubbs as a seminar speaker with Life Changing Seminars
  2. the relocation of Life Changing Seminars to Salisbury, North Carolina allowing for more interstate travel involving seminars.
  3. the invitation by Bill Gothard with Institute in Basic Life Principles to speak at a keynote session of the Advanced Training Institute's annual homeschool conference held in Knoxville, Tennessee.

By early 2008, Life Changing Seminars had presented over 1,500 seminars in 49 states. Many nationally-known Christian organizations have hosted the seminars.

Seminars have been presented in churches, businesses, Christian school conventions and homeschool conventions. Life Changing Seminars has also presented their material to colleges for both enrichment material and college credit.hi

Colleges courses offered through colleges:

Indian River Community College [1]

God's Bible School and College, Cincinnati, Ohio [2]

Hobe Sound Bible College Hobe Sound, Florida

Material from Life Changing Seminars has been published by various Christian organizations including Billy Graham's Decision magazine. In the summer of 1999, the Institute in Basic Life Principles used material from Life Changing Seminars to present to thousands of Christian pastors internationally through their pastors seminars.

Birth of Redeeming the Time Radio[edit]

In 2003, Rick Grubbs felt that God was calling him to expand the work of Life Changing Seminars into a daily radio program called, "Redeeming the Time." As a step forward, Rick presented the seminars at regional conferences of the National Religious Broadcasters[3]. With encouragement from leaders in the Christian community, Life Changing Seminars launched the new radio program, Redeeming the Time[4] hoping to gradually gain a respectable number of radio stations playing the program on a daily basis.

Before a year had passed, 500 radio stations had signed up to air the program and by 2005, Redeeming the Time was being syndicated to over 1,000 radio outlets including several major Christian networks. Redeeming the Time is now syndicated to over 1,300 media outlets internationally.

Major Christian radio networks that carry the program are:

Bible Broadcasting Network, Charlotte, North Carolina [5]

VCY America Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Moody Broadcasting Network, Chicago, Illinois [6]

American Family Radio, Tupelo, Mississippi

Calvary Satellite Network, Twin Falls, Idaho

Life Changing Seminars has been represented on many media outlets primarily through interviews with Rick Grubbs

Prime Time America, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois [7]

Cross Talk, VCY America, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WallBuilders Radio Plano, Texas


Published Print Sources

Decision Magazine

U.S. News and World Report[8]

American Family Association Agape Press News

The Power of True Success IBLP Press, Oakbrook, Illinois

Bible Broadcasting Network [9]

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