Life Plan A and B

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Life Plan A and B
Life Plan A and B (植劇場-荼蘼).jpg
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Written byMag Hsu
Directed byWang Xiaodi
Huang Tianren
StarringRainie Yang
Yan Yulin
Johnny Lu
Opening theme"Traces of Time in Love 年輪說" by Rainie Yang
Ending theme"The Lessons of Love 相愛的方法" by Rainie Yang
Country of originTaiwan
Original language(s)Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien
No. of episodes6
Executive producer(s)Wang Xiaodi
Producer(s)Liao Jianxing
An Zheyi
Production location(s)Taiwan
Running time110 minutes
Fridays 10:00–11:50 pm
Original networkTTV
Original releaseOctober 7 (2016-10-07) –
November 11, 2016 (2016-11-11)
Preceded byLove of Sandstorm
Followed byJiang Teacher, You Talked About Love
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Life Plan A and B (Chinese: 荼蘼; pinyin: Tú mí) is a 2016 Taiwanese melodrama created and produced by TTV. It stars Rainie Yang, Yan Yulin and Johnny Lu. It is the second instalment in Q Series. First original broadcast began on October 7, 2016 on TTV airing every Friday night from 10:00-11:50 pm.[1][2]


Ru Wei and You Yan have a simple relationship. But in every simple relationship there are many difficulties. They are not rich, but they try very hard to enjoy life; even if it means for their three meals a day they only eat instant noodles, they can still make hundreds of flavours. They are very serious about their relationship and trying their best to achieve something in life – hoping one day they can become who they want to become. One day, Ru Wei has a 'lucky chance' in life. Her company wants to send her to Shanghai, with a promotion and higher pay. These two who are deeply in love cannot bear to have a long distance relationship. With all the uncertainties in their future, can they still stand by each other? If your life "schedule" suddenly changes and forces you to choose between love and career, how can you choose one? Will you also be swaying between the two, unable to decide what to do? If only we can know the outcomes of both options before we choose one, how much better and easier would that be...


  • Rainie Yang as Zheng Ruwei
  • Yan Yulin as Tang You Yan
  • Johnny Lu as Rong Yi Chao, Eason
  • Chang Fu-chien as Tang De Gang
    • You Yan's father
  • Chen Chi-hsia as Zhou Ya Qing
    • You Yan's mother
  • Ricie Fun as Gao Mei Yu
  • Ying Shiuan as Zhang Jie
  • Andy Wuas Zhao Hui
  • Diane Lin as Tang You Shan


  • Opening theme: "Traces of Time in Love 年輪說" by Rainie Yang
  • Ending theme: "The Lessons of Love 相愛的方法" by Rainie Yang
  • "Being Single 單" by Rainie Yang
  • "How Sad 多難得" by Yvonne Hsieh

Episode ratings[edit]

Air date Episode Average ratings Rank
October 7, 2016 1 0.57 4
October 14, 2016 2 0.56 4
October 21, 2016 3 0.67 4
October 28, 2016 4 0.64 4
November 4, 2016 5 4
November 11, 2016 6 0.92 3
Average ratings 0.66 -

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2017 22nd Asian Television Awards[3] Best Original Screenplay Mag Hsu Won
52nd Golden Bell Awards Best Leading Actress in a Television Series Rainie Yang Nominated
Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series Johnny Lu Nominated
Best Writing for a Television Series Mag Hsu Nominated
12th Seoul International Drama Awards[4] Best Mini-series Life Plan A and B Nominated


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