Life Sentence Records

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Life Sentence Records
Founded 1994
Founder Dan Gump
Genre Metalcore
Country of origin United States
Location Utah

Life Sentence Records (XLSRX) was a Utah-based record label that focused on straight edge metalcore releases.


Catalog Number Year Band Release Type Comment
LSR1 1994 Excessive Force Vengeance Is Mine 7"
LSR2 1994 Deadwait Deadwait 7"
LSR3 1995 Excessive Force In Your Blood CD
LSR4 1995 Torn Apart Extermination 7"
LSR5 1996 Overcome As the Curtain Falls 7"
LSR6 1996 Focal Point Neglected EP 7"
LSR7 1996 Lifeless Lifeless 7"
LSR8 1996 Clear The Sickness Must End 7"/CD
LSR9 1996 Torn Apart Nothing is Permanent... CD
LSR10 1997 Aftershock Letters CD
LSR11 1997 Unconquered You Say Moderation, I Scream Prohibition CD
LSR12 1997 Eighteen Visions Lifeless CD
LSR13 1997 StateCraft Until the Darkness is Gone CD
LSR14 Ookla the Mok Bless Her Little Black Heart CD
LSR15 1999 Decontaminate Cleanse and Burn CD
LSR-- 1999 Absone / Decontaminate Absone / Decontaminate 7" With XeyewitnessX Records
LSR16 Triphammer Triphammer CD
LSR17 Grimlock Crusades of Reality CD
LSR18 Proclamation Let the Truth be Told CD
LSR19 2002 Wings of Scarlet//Tears Will Drown/With Dead Hands Rising Words As Weapons CD
LSR20 2002 Automata Through the Bandage Seeps a Whisper CD
LSR21 2002 It Dies Today Forever Scorned CD
LSR22 2003 With Dead Hands Rising Behind Inquisition CD
LSR23 2003 Various Artists Mosh or Be Moshed CD
LSR24 2003 Nientara Consequence (album) CD
LSR25 2003 Spearing Jocasta The Cassandra Complex CD
LSR26 2003 Wings of Scarlet Before the Great Collapse CD
LSR27 Grimlock Crusher (album) CD
LSR28 2004 PN The Art of Being 'We' CD
LSR29 2004 xDeathStarx The Triumph CD
LSR30 2005 With Dead Hands Rising The Horror Grows Near CD
LSR31 2005 Tears from the Sky Power Symbol CD
LSR32 2005 Above this Fire In Perspective CD

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