Life Toward Twilight

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Life Toward Twilight
Origin Detroit, United States
Genres Dark ambient, Post-Industrial, Neoclassical
Years active 1999 to present
Labels Bottle Imp Productions
Members Daniel Tuttle

Life Toward Twilight is a dark ambient, post-industrial project from Detroit, Michigan. Life Toward Twilight's sound explores genres such as martial industrial and neoclassical, with a heavy presence of ambience and drone.

Members / History[edit]

Life Toward Twilight began in 1999 as a solo project by then Ogun's Will member Daniel Tuttle. Ogun's Will, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana and primarily featuring Daniel, Shawn Kent and a rolling cast of other members, was a heavy, beat oriented, industrial project. Life Toward Twilight emerged as Daniel started composing minimalist and ambient music outside of Ogun's Will. In 2000 Ogun's Will disbanded and Daniel relocated to Detroit where Life Toward Twilight became his primary musical focus.

Life Toward Twilight has released seven albums as of 2007 including a score to Thomas Edison's 1910 production of Frankenstein, has participated in a number of compilation discs and is the premier artist behind the independent music label Bottle Imp Productions. Life Toward Twilight frequently performs live in the Detroit area and nationally alongside an eclectic variety of local, national and internationally known acts. Festival appearances include Bloomington, Indiana's BodyHammer Festival where he appeared alongside such artists as Enduser, Slave Cylinder and Monstrum Sepsis and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, now Movement Festival, on the Eclectic Productions stage, where he appeared alongside such artists as Iszoloscope, Xanopticon, Phallus Über Alles, Chiasm, Cdatakill and many others.


  • Into Words I Have Fallen- CD (2000)
  • Catayo - CD (2002)
  • An Eclipse - 3" CD (2003, re-released CD 2008)
  • We Waited For A Subtle Dawn - CD and MP3 (2005)
  • I Swear By All The Flowers - CD (2007)
  • Blood - CD (2007)
  • Edison's Frankenstien - Scored DVD and CD (2008)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Lost Illusions- CD (2001)
  • - The Experience- CD (2005)

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