Life and Colour

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Lofe and Colour
Directed by Santiago Tabernero
Written by Santiago Tabernero
Starring Junio Valverde
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Carmen Machi
Silvia Abascal
Nadia de Santiago
Joan Dalmau
Ana Wagener
Adolfo Fernández
Andrés Lima
Pablo Vega
Natalia Abascal
Maru Valdivieso
Adrián Gordillo
Manuel Díos
Running time
100 minutes
Country Spain

Life and Colour (Spanish: Vida y color) is a 2005 Spanish movie.


Spain, 1975. Fede (Junio Valverde), a fifteen-year-old boy, is getting conscious of his environment little by little: his sister Begoña (Silvia Abascal) unsatisfied with her imminent wedding; his grandfather (Joan Dalmau), who stops dealing with his best friend after the Spanish Civil War; his friend Ramona (Natalia Abascal), a girl with Down Syndrome who was raped by her father, a young man who works with his father.


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