Life of Washington

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Life of Washington
ArtistVictor Arnautoff
LocationSan Francisco

Life of Washington is the name of a set of thirteen murals painted by Victor Arnautoff located in San Francisco's George Washington High School.[1] As indicated by their title, they depict George Washington at various real and imagined points in his life. The work was the largest mural by a single artist that the WPA funded.[2]

In June 2019, the San Francisco Unified School District voted to remove the works, citing student discomfort at the violence depicted in the murals.[3] Supporters in favor of preserving the murals say that it presents an alternative to sanitized depictions of American history, as it depicts George Washington walking over the corpse of a Native Americans and presents him with slaves on his estate, Mount Vernon.[4] Arnautoff was "[...] a well known radical" and communist, and he painted other murals considered by some to be controversial.[5]


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