Lifeboatman's helmet

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A lifeboatman's helmet is designed to protect the heads of lifeboatmen at their work in rough sea.

The sort described here is currently (7 September 2008) in use at Southport lifeboat station in England.

View of the helmet
View inside the helmet

It covers the same area as a motorcycle helmet including all of the ears, Its casing is thinner, and nearer to the size of the head, and has lengthwise ridges.

It has a transparent visor to keep sea spray out of the eyes. It has a chinstrap.

Its lining is not padded but inflatable; it has an inflation tube (fastened to the chinstrap) ending in a red nipple (at the bottom of the first image) to inflate the lining by mouth to fit it firmly on the head.

It has a microphone and an intercom lead.