Lifehouse Elements

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Lifehouse Elements
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Compilation album sampler by
Released2000 (US)
LabelRedline Entertainment
Pete Townshend chronology
Lifehouse Chronicles
Lifehouse Elements
Live: The Empire
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

Lifehouse Elements is a single CD sampler of the 6-CD Box Set The Lifehouse Chronicles released by Pete Townshend in 2000. The song "New Song" is not found in the box set. The CD was released 23 May 2000 in the US by Redline Entertainment.[2]

Pete Townshend had started the Lifehouse project in 1971. Some of this material ended up on The Who's albums such as Who's Next, Quadrophenia, Odds & Sods, The Who By Numbers, and Who Are You. The songs entitled "I Don't Know Myself" also known as "I Don't Even Know Myself", "Join Together," and "Relay", did not make it on any of these albums. "I Don't Even Know Myself" was the B-side of the "Won't Get Fooled Again" single. Eventually the song appears on Who's Missing and the Who's Next CD reissue in 1995. "Join Together" originally came out as a single in July 1972 and can be found on the following albums or CDs; Who's Better, Who's Best, Join Together, and Thirty Years of Maximum R&B. "Relay" was released as a single December 23, 1972 - it turns up on Who's Greatest Hits, Hooligans, and Thirty Years of Maximum R&B. Lifehouse turns up on Townshend's solo albums as well as his Who albums. You can find them on such notable albums like Who Came First, Scoop, and Psychoderelict. Psychoderelict can be found in the Lifehouse themes and experiments.[3]

The song "Greyhound Girl" was a non-album track that came from his hit UK single "Let My Love Open The Door" in 1980. Mary came from Townshend's Scoop album in 1983.

Track listing[edit]

1."One Note (Prologue)"1:26
2."Baba O'Riley" (Orchestral version performed by The London Chamber Orchestra)9:36
3."Pure and Easy"8:35
4."New Song"5:02
5."Gettin' in Tune"4:04
6."Behind Blue Eyes" (New version)3:59
7."Let's See Action"6:16
8."Who Are You" (Gateway remix)9:05
9."Won't Get Fooled Again"8:27
10."Baba M1"3:05
11."The Song Is Over"5:43


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