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Lifehouse International Church
Lifehouse International Church Logo.png
Lifehouse International Church logo
Location Tokyo
Country  Japan
 Hong Kong
Denomination Australian Christian Churches[citation needed]
Founded August 2002
Senior pastor(s) Rod and Viv Plummer

Lifehouse International Church is a Pentecostal church part of the Australian Christian Churches and the Hillsong Church network of Churches. They also have partnership with ARC Churches[1] and Joyce Meyer Ministries.[2]

It has churches located in Tokyo,[3] Tachikawa, Yokohama,[4], Atsugi, Yokosuka, Osaka,[5], Kobe, Sendai, Sapporo[6] Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Bali,[7] Hong Kong,[8] Taipei and Honolulu

The Churches senior pastors, Rod and Viv Plummer, began the church in 2002 in Tokyo[9] with a team of 10 Australians and one Japanese couple.[citation needed]

Currently over 2000 people attend the Church in Tokyo with over 5000 people across all campuses.[citation needed]

Lifehouse uses mainly Hillsong and original Lifehouse Worship worship music in services. Songs are translated and sung bilingual in English and Japanese.[citation needed]

The Church's latest album "In Your Name" reached number 1 in the iTunes "Gospel" category in Japan.[10]


Rod Plummer was originally an associate pastor at Christian Life Center (which later became part of Hillsong Church) in Sydney.[citation needed]

He and his wife Viv have been involved in international missions and planted churches in Thailand and Indonesia before returning to pastor an Australian Christian Churches affiliated church in Toowoomba Queensland for 7 years.[citation needed]

In 2002 they moved to Tokyo, Japan to start a new church with a team of 16 people.[citation needed]

Lifehouse Tokyo has seen consistent growth every year growing from the initial team of 16 people to over 2000 people in 2017.[citation needed]


Lifehouse has planted 19 Churches in Japan and other countries in Asia.


Lifehouse International Church Tokyo

Lifehouse International Church Tokyo was started in 2002 with a team of 16 people.[citation needed] It now has over 1500 people attending regularly.[citation needed] It is pastored by Rod and Viv Plummer. The Church is located in downtown Tokyo, Roppongi.


Lifehouse International Church Tachikawa was planted in 2015.[11]


Lifehouse International Church Yokohama – International Church in Yokohama

In 2010 the Tokyo church started Lifehouse International Church Yokohama[12][13] with young leaders and a small team of young people. Now, Joshua and Yuki O'Sullivan[14] pastor the Yokohama church, in close connection with the Tokyo church.

Lifehouse Yokohama has bilingual English and Japanese services with pop-style praise and worship mostly from Hillsong. Lifehouse Yokohama has a church service every Sunday at 11am and 2pm.

The service has a range of internationals and Japanese from kids to university students through to families, reflecting the demographic of Yokohama. It is now seeing over 300 people attending services and events regularly, with over 15 countries represented.[15]


Lifehouse International Church Atsugi was planted in 2015.[16]


Lifehouse International Church Yokosuka was planted in 2015.[17]


In 2008 the Tokyo church planted their second church, Lifehouse Osaka, with a small team originally from the Tokyo church and Australia. The church is pastored by Luke and Izumi Kennedy under the leadership of Rod and Viv Plummer.[18] Now seeing over 350 people in services weekly.[citation needed]. In 2013 the Osaka launched the Kobe location.[citation needed][19]


Lifehouse International Church Kobe was planted in 2013.[20]


Lifehouse International Church Fukuoka was planted in 2014.[21]


Lifehouse International Church Sendai was planted in 2012 in response to the Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.[22]


Lifehouse International Church Sapporo was planted in 2011 with leaders from the Tokyo church and a small team of young people from Australia. [23]


Lifehouse International Church Hiroshima had their first Sunday meeting on November 22, 2015, and is planning to start regular services in early 2016. [24]

Hong Kong[edit]

Newly renovated Mong Kok venue.
Lifehouse International Church Hong Kong

Lifehouse International Church Tokyo adopted[vague] a small church in Hong Kong in 2009, which then became Lifehouse International Church Hong Kong.[25] In June 2011, Richard Welsh[26] moved from Tokyo to Hong Kong to pastor the church under the leadership of Rod and Viv Plummer.[26]

In June 2013, Lifehouse Hong Kong opened its permanent venue in Mong Kok, occupying the whole of the 11th floor of the Win Century Building on Mong Kok Road. The newly renovated church facility has a modern auditorium with super wide screen and seats up to 200 people.

The church has bilingua] services[27] in English and Cantonese with live translations of all spoken parts of the service. The church is located[28] at Mong Kok, on the Kowloon-side of Hong Kong.


Lifehouse Taipei[29] is an international congregation with bilingual services in English and Mandarin.

Lifehouse Kids[30] is a children's program that is run during the Sunday morning service. Child-minding facilities are also available during the 3PM service, for those parents who wish to attend a Lifegroup.[31]


In 2011 Lifehouse adopted[vague] a small church in Bali which has now become Lifehouse Bali.[citation needed] The church has service in Bahasa Indonesia.


In 2016 the Hiroshima Church was planted[32]


Lifehouse is affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches, which belongs to the Pentecostal tradition of Christianity. The church's beliefs are Evangelical and Pentecostal.[33]


Lifehouse Church uses primarily Hillsong music in their services, which is translated and sung bilingual in English and Japanese.

The church also writes original songs and music for use in their churches.

They have released several albums of bilingual worship music in recent years, which are sold at the church.

Albums include In Your Name[34], Forward[35], King of Kings[36] and Celebrate[37]


Lifehouse church holds three conferences annually.[citation needed]

Lifehouse Conference[edit]

The Lifehouse conference[38] is each year and is designed to promote the cause of the local church in Japan and across the world. The conference is attended by up to 3000 people from various countries.[citation needed]

Lifehouse Conference 2017

Men's and Women's conferences[edit]

Lifehouse Men's and Women's conferences are held in November each year designed to empower[vague] young Japanese and foreigners in Japan and build leadership and teamwork.[citation needed]

Tohoku Homestay Relief Program[edit]

In 2011 Lifehouse Church initiated a free homestay program. Tōhoku Relief HomeStay is a Relief Program administered by LifeHouse International Church together with support and partnership from Air New Zealand, Qantas as well as partner Churches and HomeStay partners in New Zealand & Australia.[39] for school and university students affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.[citation needed]

210 students were sent to America, Australia and New Zealand during August and September to stay with host families and attend English schools free of charge.[40][41][42]

Lifehouse Church worked with many partners to organize the program including American Airlines, Qantas, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Time Out New Zealand, Berlitz Language, ACC International Relief, TAFE NSW, the New Zealand Embassy and local churches throughout Australia, New Zealand and America.[43]


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