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Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Genres Hip hop, Northwest hip hop
Labels Quannum Projects/Misfit Records
Members Vursatyl (MC), Jumbo (Producer, MC, DJ), Rev Shines (DJ)

Lifesavas is a hip hop group from the northeast of Portland, Oregon with a classic hip hop sound. Their style employs tag-team rhymes, matter-of-fact storytelling, and a soulful production. The emcee's styles and songwriting skills are showcased in the arrangements.

Vursatyl and Jumbo met playing basketball and ripping free-style in Portland city parks. Initially working on different projects out of the same makeshift studio, the two decided to join creative forces. Soon afterwards, DJ Rev Shines joined them to form a trio.

Chief Xcel from Blackalicious discovered Lifesavas and invited the group to perform in San Francisco with Blackalicious Quannum Projects.

Vursatyl was invited to perform backup vocals for Blackalicious during their live performances. Soon after, Jumbo and Shines joined Vursatyl on tour, opening for Quannum artists Blackalicious and Latyrx. That led them to a record deal on Quannum Projects in 2003, where they released their debut album Spirit In Stone. This album features the singles of "Hello Hi Hey/What If It’s True?" and "Fever / Selector".

Their second album, Gutterfly, was released on April 10, 2007, on Quannum Projects, featuring the singles "Gutterfly" and "A Seperent’s Love".



  • Spirit in Stone (2003)
  • Gutterfly (2007)


  • "HelloHiHey" on Molson Red Leaf Collection Vol. 1 (2004)
  • "Government Cheese" on We came from Beyond, VOL, 2(2003)


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