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Lift is a range of soft drinks produced by The Coca-Cola Company that has been available in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Germany, Austria, and Eastern Europe since the 1970s, which is carbonated and flavored with fruit juice.

Varieties and flavors[edit]

  • Lift (Grapefruit)
  • Lift Plus
  • Lift Plus Light
  • Lift Plus Green
  • Lift Plus Extra Strength
  • Lift Apple (Manzana Lift)
  • Lift Apple Blackcurrant
  • Lift Apple Lemon
  • Lift Apple Peach
  • Lift Cherry
  • Lift Grape
  • Lift Lemon
  • Lift Orange
  • Lift Peach
  • Lift Pear
  • Lift Raspberry
  • Lift Vanilla Cream
  • Jam