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Live+ is an energy drink marketed to New Zealanders by Monster Beverage Corporation. [1] It was originally known as Lift+ or Lift Plus and created and produced by Coca-Cola Amatil based on the soft drink Lift.[2]


The brand, originally known as Lift Plus was which was introduced to New Zealand in 1999. [1] The brand over the years has seen an extensive marketing campaign, especially on the hit New Zealand TV show "Pulp Sport" hosted by Bill and Ben.[citation needed] The slogan for Lift Plus was "Sharpen Up!" [1] until mid-2011 when the new Lift Plus Extra Strength was launched and the slogan was changed to "wake up your buds" and "choose your level".[citation needed] The choose your level slogan refers to the fact that Lift Plus Extra Strength has 32 mg/100 mg of caffeine when the Original Lift Plus has 14 mg/100 mg.

In 2011 Coca-Cola Amatil claimed that Lift Plus and the Mother energy drink had a combined share of 20 per cent the New Zealand energy drink market or 3.7 per cent of the non-alcoholic ready-to-drink market.[3]

In 2018 the name changed from Lift+ to Live+ and ownership was transferred from Coca-Cola Amatil to Monster Beverage Corporation.[1]


LIVE+ Persist

LIVE+ Persist was formerly called Lift Plus Original.[1] The original flavour contains 14.5mg per 100ml of caffeine or 36mg per 250ml can.[4]

LIVE+ Ascend

LIVE+ Ascend was formerly known as Lift Plus Sugarfree until 2009 and then Lift Plus Zero.

Live+ Ignite

Live+ Ignite was formerly known as Lift+ Green

Lift Plus Extra Strength

A discontinued Extra Strength version of the original Lift Plus drink.

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