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Liga Española de Baloncesto Amateur
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2014–15 Liga EBA season
Liga eba.jpg
Sport Basketball
Founded 1995
CEO José Luis Sáez
No. of teams 5 Groups
Country Spain Spain
Continent European Union Europe
Level on pyramid 4th Tier (Spain)
Promotion to LEB Plata - 3rd Tier (First 4)
Relegation to Primera División - 5th Tier (Last 4)
Official website (Spanish)

Liga Española de Baloncesto Amateur is a Spanish basketball championship that is the fourth level in the Spanish basketball league system, behind Liga ACB, LEB Oro and LEB Plata. Is administered by the FEB.

The Liga EBA is constituted by five groups. The group "A" is divided in two Groups.

After the regular season, sixteen teams will join the playoffs, where only four teams promote to LEB Plata. The last qualified teams of each group, are relegated to Primera División.


Final Eight Format[edit]

The best teams in the Final Eight were usually promoted to a higher division. Due to economical problems, sometimes the winners couldn't promote to other divisions.

Year Tier Host Champion Runner-up Score Promoted
1994–95 2 Gijón CB Gran Canaria Gijón Baloncesto 86–84 ACB 2
1995–96 2 Lugo CB Granada Valencia BC 104–87 None
1996–97 3 Chipiona Menorca Bàsquet CB Cornellà 73–70 LEB 1
1997–98 3 Cabra SD Bidegintza Zalla CB Galicia 74–71 2
1998–99 3 Gandía UB La Palma CB Calpe 71–62 None
1999–00 3 Guadalajara CB Cornellà UB La Palma 74–58 LEB 2 2
2000–01 4 Pamplona Gramenet CB CB Montcada 91–76
2001–02 4 La Laguna CB Aracena CB 1939 Canarias 87–79
2002–03 4 Huesca FC Barcelona B CB Montcada 72–64
2003–04 4 Montilla CB L'Hospitalet UB Sabadell 89–73 3
2004–05 4 Palencia CB Peñas Huesca CB Vic 82–69 2
2005–06 4 Guadalajara CB Prat CB Muro 83–65
2006–07 4 Murcia CB Santa Pola CB Illescas 78–71

Final groups format[edit]

The 16 qualified teams were divided in four groups of four teams. The winners of the regular season groups hosted each group. The four group winners were promoted to the disappeared LEB Bronce.

After the play-offs, the FEB sets a table to determine the officious champion of the Liga EBA. In this table, the four group winners were the four first qualified teams, the runner-ups from 5th to 8th, third qualifieds from 9th to 12th and last teams from 13th to 16th.

Year Tier Champion Runner-up Third qualified Fourth qualified
2007–08 5 Fundación Adepal Oviedo CB CB Valls CB Villa de Valdemoro
2008–09 5 CB Olesa CB Santurtzi SK BC Andorra CB La Vila

'May madness' format[edit]

The 32 teams qualified play a two-leg play-off where four teams promote to the higher division. Since the 2010–11 season, only 16 teams are qualified to the 'May madness' format. Four teams are promoted each season to LEB Plata. For the 2012–13 season, FEB decided to come back to the Final Groups format

After the play-offs, the FEB sets a table to determine the officious champion of the Liga EBA.

Year Tier Champion Runner-up Third qualified Fourth qualified
2009–10 4 Oviedo CB Iraurgi SB CDB Ciudad Real CB L'Alfàs
2010–11 4 Araberri BC CB Bahía San Agustín CB Santfeliuenc Gandía BA
2011–12 4 Askatuak SBT CB Bahía San Agustín CB Santfeliuenc CE Sant Nicolau
2012–13 4 Xuventude Baloncesto Real Canoe NC CB Estudiantes B Zornotza ST

Comeback to the Final groups format[edit]

As in 2008 and 2009, the final round was played by 16 teams divided in four groups, where the winners were promoted to LEB Plata.

Year Tier Champion Runner-up Third qualified Fourth qualified
2013–14 4 Univ. Valladolid CE Sant Nicolau CB Pla de Na Tesa AEC Collblanc-Torrassa
2014–15 4 CB Morón CB Deportivo Coín Fundación CB Granada CB Andratx

Copa EBA[edit]

The Copa EBA was a competition held from 1996 to 2000 season. This Cup was held after the end of the regular season and was played by the champions of the groups.

Season Champion Runner-up
1996–97 Gandía BA CB Coruña
1997–98 CB Calpe FC Barcelona B
1998–99 CB Cornellà CB Calpe
1999–00 CB Cornellà Baloncesto León B

2014–15 groups composition[edit]

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