Liga Española de Baloncesto (1957–1983)

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Spanish Basketball League
Liga Española de Baloncesto
Sport Basketball
Founded 1957
Inaugural season 1957
Ceased 1982–83 season
(renamed as Liga ACB)
No. of teams 14
Country  Spain
Continent European Union FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most titles Real Madrid (22 titles)
TV partner(s) TVE
Level on pyramid 1st tier
Spanish King's Cup

The Liga Española de Baloncesto (English: Spanish Basketball League), whose top division was known as Primera División (English: First Division), was the old 1st Tier basketball league in Spain, from 1957 to the 1982–83 season. It was organized by the Spanish Basketball Federation, and it was contested by the best clubs of the country. In 1983, the clubs decided to create the Basketball Clubs Association, and transformed the top division into the new Liga ACB, although that league was also named Primera División until 1988.


The league was played in a double round-robin format without playoffs. Two points were conceded for a winning game, one for a draw, and no points for the loser. The worst teams of each season were relegated to the second division (Segunda División, called Primera División B since 1978). The winner of the league qualified for the FIBA European Champions Cup (now called EuroLeague).


The league was created in 1957 with the aim of publicising the basketball in Spain. In its first edition composed by six teams, two from Madrid (Real Madrid and Estudiantes) and four from the province of Barcelona (Barcelona, Joventut Badalona, Aismalíbar from Montcada i Reixac and Orillo Verde from Sabadell), and played with a double round-robin format. The league was played in 49 days at only two venues: Frontón Vista Alegre in Madrid and Palacio de Deportes de Montjuic in Barcelona.[1]

Two years later, teams from other regions first entered in the league.


Season Champion Runner-up
1957 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1958 Real Madrid Joventut
1958–59 FC Barcelona Real Madrid
1959–60 Real Madrid Joventut
1960–61 Real Madrid Orillo Verde
1961–62 Real Madrid Joventut
1962–63 Real Madrid Estudiantes
1963–64 Real Madrid Picadero JC
1964–65 Real Madrid Picadero JC
1965–66 Real Madrid Picadero JC
1966–67 Joventut Real Madrid
1967–68 Real Madrid Estudiantes
1968–69 Real Madrid Joventut
1969–70 Real Madrid Picadero JC
Season Champion Runner-up
1970–71 Real Madrid Joventut
1971–72 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1972–73 Real Madrid Joventut
1973–74 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1974–75 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1975–76 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1976–77 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1977–78 Joventut Real Madrid
1978–79 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1979–80 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1980–81 FC Barcelona Real Madrid
1981–82 Real Madrid FC Barcelona
1982–83 FC Barcelona Real Madrid


Team Winners Runners-up
Real Madrid
FC Barcelona
Picadero JC
Orillo Verde

Liga Nacional Primera División Top Scorers by season[edit]

Season Top Scorer Club Scoring Average / Total Points
1957 Spain Alfonso Martínez Real Madrid 18.0
1958 Spain Alfonso Martínez (2) Real Madrid 17.2
1958–59 Puerto Rico Johnny Báez Real Madrid 19.9
1959–60 Spain Alfonso Martínez (average) (3)
Puerto Rico Johnny Báez (total points) (2)
Real Madrid
439 points
1960–61 Spain Francisco Llobet Orillo Verde 20.4
1961–62 United States Wayne Hightower Real Madrid 19.7
1962–63 Spain Emiliano Rodríguez Real Madrid 19.9
1963–64 Spain Emiliano Rodríguez (2) Real Madrid 22.7
1964–65 Spain Lorenzo Alocén Helios 24.2
1965–66 United States Miles Aiken Águilas 23.9
1966–67 Spain Alfonso Martínez (4) Joventut Badalona 22.1
1967–68 Spain Clifford Luyk Real Madrid 24.3
1968–69 United States Charles Thomas San José Irpen 25.6
1969–70 United States Charles Thomas (2) San José Irpen 24.1
1970–71 Spain Alfredo Pérez Gómez Breogán 27.1
1971–72 Spain Gonzalo Sagi-Vela Estudiantes 21.6
1972–73 Spain Alfredo Pérez Gómez (2) Breogán 23.2
1973–74 United States John Coughran YMCA 31.7
1974–75 United States Ray Price Baskonia 32.2
1975–76 United States Walter Szczerbiak (average)
United States Bob Fullarton (total points)
Real Madrid
968 points
1976–77 United States Bob Guyette Barcelona 32.0
1977–78 United States Essie Hollis Askatuak 41.0
1978–79 United States Nate Davis (average)
United States Webb Williams (total points)
730 points
1979–80 United States Nate Davis (2) Valladolid 29.7
1980–81 Canada Lars Hansen OAR Ferrol 27.4
1981–82 United States Larry McNeill Canarias 34.4
1982–83 United States Claude Gregory Baskonia 30.6


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