Liga Futsal

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Liga Futsal
Country  Brazil
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 1996
Number of teams 19
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Taça do Brasil do Futsal
International cup(s) South American Club Futsal Championship
Current champions Brasil Kirin
Most championships Carlos Barbosa
(4 titles)
TV partners SporTV
ESPN Brasil
2014 Liga Futsal

The Liga Futsal (sometimes called Liga Brasileira de Futebol de Salão) is the premier futsal league in Brazil, and was created in 1996 with the purpose of setting up a championship with the best futsal teams of the country, corresponding to the Brazilian Football Championship Série A. It is organized by the Brazilian Futsal Confederation (CBFS).

The Championship[edit]


The league was created in 1996, with the aim to improve the most important Brazilian clubs and help the growth of the sport in the country. The league was inspired by the American basketball league (NBA). On April 27, 1996, the Liga Futsal started.

Franchise system[edit]

To be eligible to participate in the league, there are three options available: buy a franchise, be appointed by a company which owns a franchise, or be invited by the league. It is necessary to send a proposal to the Liga Futsal, which will analyze and decide if the team's participation will be accepted, in a general assembly involving all the franchise representatives. Currently, a franchise is worth R$ 300,000.00.

Prize money[edit]

In 2007 the total prize money was R$ 75,000.00. The winner, besides being awarded R$ 50,000.00 (the runner-up was awarded R$ 25,000.00), won a scudetto, created by the CBFS and represented Brazil in two international competitions (South American Club Futsal Championship and Intercontinental Futsal Cup). The competition organizers also reserved R$ 1,237 million to cover expenses such as transportation, accommodation, food provision and referee taxes for the clubs which participated at least two times in the competition.

Past champions[edit]

Winners and goalscorers[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up Top goalscorer Club Goals
1996 Inter/Ulbra (RS) Vasco/DalPonte/Unimed (RS) Ortiz Inter/Ulbra 25
1997 Atlético Mineiro/Pax de Minas (MG) Banespa/Phercani Vander Carioca, Lenísio Atlético Mineiro/Pax de Minas, GM/Chevrolet 36
1998 Ulbra (RS) ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) (RS) Índio Ulbra 25
1999 Atlético Mineiro/Pax de Minas (MG) Rio de Janeiro/Miécimo (RJ) Manoel Tobias Atlético Mineiro/Pax de Minas 52
2000 Vasco da Gama (RJ) Atlético Mineiro (MG) Lenísio Atlético Mineiro 50
2001 ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) (RS) Ulbra (RS) Lenísio Ulbra 25
2002 Ulbra (RS) W@ytv/Minas (MG) Lenísio Ulbra 31
2003 Ulbra (RS) ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) (RS) Pablo ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) 25
2004 ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) (RS) Ulbra (RS) Pablo ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) 27
2005 Malwee/Jaraguá (SC) Atlântico (RS) Falcão Malwee/Jaraguá 25
2006 ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) (RS) Malwee/Jaraguá (SC) Marinho Intelli/Topper 25
2007 Malwee/Jaraguá (SC) Joinville/Krona/Dalponte (SC) Willian Malwee/Jaraguá 31
2008 Malwee Futsal (SC) Ulbra/Suzano (RS) Falcão Malwee Futsal 32
2009 ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) (RS) Malwee Futsal (SC) Falcão, Lenísio Malwee Futsal 32
2010 Malwee Futsal (SC) Marechal Rondon (SC) Falcão Malwee Futsal 39
2011 Santos/Cortiana (SP) ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) (RS) Falcão Santos 32
2012 ADC Intelli/Orlândia (SP) Joinville/Krona/Dalponte (SC) Gustavo ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) 24
2013 ADC Intelli/Orlândia (SP) Concórdia/Umbro/ Passarela (SC) Vander Carioca Krona Futsal 22
2014 Brasil Kirin (SP) ADC Intelli/Orlândia (SP) Falcão Brasil Kirin 19

Title by team[edit]

Club State Titles Years won
ACBF (Carlos Barbosa) RS 4 2001, 2004, 2006, 2009
Malwee/Jaraguá SC 4 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010
Ulbra RS 3 1998, 2002, 2003
Atlético Mineiro/Pax de Minas MG 2 1997, 1999
ADC Intelli/Orlândia SP 2 2012, 2013
Inter/Ulbra RS 1 1996
Vasco da Gama RJ 1 2000
Santos/Cortiana SP 1 2011
Brasil Kirin SP 1 2014

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