Romanian Superliga (women's football)

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Romanian Superliga
Country  Romania
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1990 as Liga I
2013 as Superliga
Number of teams 8
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Liga I
Domestic cup(s) Romanian Women's Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
Current champions Olimpia Cluj (6th title)
Most championships CFF Clujana (7 titles)
2015–16 Superliga

The Superliga is the top level women's football league in Romania. The champion team qualifies for UEFA Women's Champions League.

The top league was named Liga I until the 2012–13 season. The league-system was restructured for the 2013–14 season. Eight teams play in the league, with two being relegated to the second level league, which is the Liga I.


Eight teams play each other twice. After that the top four teams play the championship play-off. The bottom four play a relegation play-off. The last two places in the relegation play-off get relegated.[1]


In the 1990s and 2000s, because there were only few women's football clubs in Romania, all clubs played in the only league. With more clubs joining, the league was split into East and West divisions for the 2011–12 season. Teams played each other twice with the top two teams advancing to the championship round. In 2012–13 the teams where split into three divisions. After that again the top two teams each advanced to the championship round. Points from the regular season were reset to zero for that round.


The following is a list of all Romanian women's football champions.[2] The national champion was the winner of the Liga I until 2012/13 and the Superliga winner since then.

Record Champions[edit]

Titles Team
7 Clujana Cluj
6 Olimpia Cluj
4 Fartec Brașov (includes ICIM; change of patron company)
3 Motorul Oradea (includes Interindustrial; change of patron company)
2 Conpet Ploiești
Regal București
1 CFR Craiova
FCM Târgu Mureș


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