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This article is about the current second tier, and former top flight of Indonesian football. For the current top flight of Indonesian football, see Indonesia Super League. For the top flight in Indonesian football which ran concurrently to the Super League between 2011-2013, see Indonesian Premier Division. For the top flight Indonesian independent football leagues held in 2011, see Liga Primer Indonesia. For the Indonesian football league structure past and present, see Indonesian football league system.
Liga 2
Liga Indonesia Premier Division.png
Country Indonesia Indonesia
Confederation AFC
Founded 1994; 23 years ago (1994)
Number of teams 55
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Liga 1
Relegation to Liga 3
Domestic cup(s) Piala Indonesia
Current champions Pusamania Borneo (1st title)
Most championships Persebaya Surabaya (3 titles)
2017 Liga 2

Liga 2 is the second-tier of football competition system in Indonesia, organized by PSSI. Before 2017, this competition was named the Liga Indonesia Premier Division.[1]


The competition is usually divided into several groups because of geographic and amount of participants factors. The 2010–11 season was sponsored by Ti-Phone, and was called as Liga Ti-Phone.

As a result of continuing conflict between PT Liga Indonesia (LI) and PT Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo (LPIS), there were two different Liga Indonesia Premier Division being organized for 2011–12 season, one for the Indonesia Super League and the other for Indonesian Premier League. Starting the 2014 season Premier Division is organized again by PT Liga Indonesia after LPIS was dissolved.

Prior to the formation of Indonesia Super League in 2008, Premier Division was the Indonesian top-flight football league. Along with Indonesia Super League, Premier Division is a fully professional competition.

In January 2017, PSSI renamed the competitions to Liga 2.[1]

Championship history[edit]

First-tier era[edit]

Season League name Champion Score Runner-up
1994–95 Liga Indonesia
(Liga Dunhill)
Persib Bandung 1–0 Petrokimia Putra
1995–96 Liga Indonesia II
(Liga Dunhill)
Mastrans Bandung Raya 2–0 PSM Makassar
1996–97 Liga Indonesia III
(Liga Kansas)
Persebaya Surabaya 3–1 Bandung Raya
1997–98 Liga Indonesia IV competition abandoned due to political and economic trouble in Indonesia
1998–99 Liga Indonesia V PSIS Semarang 1–0 Persebaya Surabaya
1999–00 Liga Bank Mandiri PSM Makassar 3–2 Pupuk Kaltim
2001 Liga Bank Mandiri Persija Jakarta 3–2 PSM Makassar
2002 Liga Bank Mandiri Petrokimia Putra 2–1 Persita Tangerang
2003 Liga Bank Mandiri Persik Kediri PSM Makassar
2004 Liga Bank Mandiri Persebaya Surabaya PSM Makassar
2005 Liga Djarum Indonesia Persipura Jayapura 3–2 Persija Jakarta
2006 Liga Djarum Indonesia Persik Kediri 1–0 PSIS Semarang
2007–08 Liga Djarum Indonesia Sriwijaya 3–1 PSMS Medan

Second-tier era[edit]

Season League name Champion Score Runner-up
2008–09 Liga Utama Esia Persisam Putra Samarinda 1–0 Persema Malang
2009–10 Liga Joss Indonesia Persibo Bojonegoro 3–1 pen. Deltras Sidoarjo
2010–11 Liga Ti-phone Persiba Bantul 1–0 Persiraja Banda Aceh
Divisi Utama Barito Putera 2–1 Persita Tangerang
Divisi Utama LPIS Persepar Palangkaraya round robin Pro Duta
Divisi Utama Persebaya Surabaya 2–0 Perseru Serui
Divisi Utama LPIS PSS Sleman 2–1 Lampung FC
2014 Divisi Utama Pusamania Borneo 2–1 Persiwa Wamena
2015 Divisi Utama Competition abandoned
2017 Liga 2


Broadcasting Partner[edit]

  1. TVRI (1994–2002)
  2. SCTV (2003)
  3. RCTI (2000–2001)
  4. Trans TV (2004)
  5. antv (1994–1999, 2003–2013)
  6. TV7 (2004–2006)
  7. Lativi (2006–2007)
  8. tvOne (2013)
  9. BeritaSatu Sports (2014–2015)

Best players[edit]

Season Player Club
1994-95 Indonesia Widodo C. Putro Petrokimia Putra
1995-96 Indonesia Ronny Wabia Persipura Jayapura
1996-97 Indonesia Nur'alim Bandung Raya
1997-98 competition abandoned due to political and economic trouble in Indonesia
1998-99 Indonesia Ali Sunan PSIS Semarang
1999-00 Indonesia Bima Sakti PSM Makassar
2001 Indonesia Bambang Pamungkas Persija Jakarta
2002 Indonesia Ilham Jaya Kesuma Persita Tangerang
2003 Indonesia Musikan Persik Kediri
2004 Indonesia Ponaryo Astaman PSM Makassar
2005 Indonesia Christian Warobay Persipura Jayapura
2006 Indonesia Maman Abdurahman PSIS Semarang
2007-08 Liberia Zah Rahan Krangar Sriwijaya FC
2008-09 Paraguay Aldo Baretto Persisam Putra Samarinda
2009-10 Brazil Victor Rodrigues Da Silva Persibo Bojonegoro
2010-11 Indonesia Wahyu Wiji Astanto Persiba Bantul
2011-12 Chile Cristian Carrasco[2] Persita Tangerang
2013 Cameroon Jean Paul Boumsong Persebaya Surabaya
2014 Liberia Sengbah Kennedy[3] Persiwa Wamena

Top goalscorers[edit]

Season Top scorer Club Goals
1994–95 Indonesia Peri Sandria Bandung Raya 34
1995–96 Montenegro Dejan Gluscevic Bandung Raya 30
1996–97 Brazil Jacksen F. Tiago Persebaya Surabaya 26
1997–98 Indonesia Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto Pelita Jakarta 20
1998–99 Gabon Alain Mabenda PSDS Deli Serdang 11
1999–00 Indonesia Bambang Pamungkas Persija Jakarta 24
2001 Cameroon Sadissou Bako Barito Putra 22
2002 Indonesia Ilham Jaya Kesuma Persita Tangerang 26
2003 Chile Oscar Aravena PSM Makassar 31
2004 Indonesia Ilham Jaya Kesuma Persita Tangerang 22
2005 Indonesia Uruguay Cristian Gonzales Persik Kediri 25
2006 Indonesia Uruguay Cristian Gonzales Persik Kediri 29
2007–08 Indonesia Uruguay Cristian Gonzales Persik Kediri 32
2008–09 Cameroon Dzumafo Herman Epandi
Cameroon Jean Paul Boumsong
Indonesia Mardiansyah
PSPS Pekanbaru
Persikad Depok
Persikabo Bogor
2009–10 Liberia Edward Wilson Junior Semen Padang 20
2010–11 Nigeria Udo Fortune Persiba Bantul 34
2011–12 Liberia Sackie Teah Doe Barito Putera 18
2013 Cameroon Jean Paul Boumsong
Liberia Oliver Makor
Persebaya Surabaya
Persik Kediri
2014 Liberia Yao Rudy Abblode Persiwa Wamena 17

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